A number of informational and promotional resources are available for use.



On Feb 4, 2016, LJ Bartle, HIGH FIVE® National Director, was interviewed by Scott Russell, host of CBC's Road to the Olympic Games, about the relevance of HIGH FIVE® and why it matters.


At the 20th Anniversary Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Forum (Mar 24-27, 2015), the following video premiered to tell the exciting story of how the Calgary Police Service are using the HIGH FIVE® Principles to set kids in their community up for success!



report on the achievements and impact of HIGH FIVE® is available for your use:

This report captures the achievements of HIGH FIVE® as it has grown to be a nationally recognized standard, being delivered in both official languages across Canada. It also outlines current trends that are having an impact on the health of our children and how HIGH FIVE® is responding. You'll see how HIGH FIVE® makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children each year.