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There isn’t one way to join HIGH FIVE®. It’s important to participate in HIGH FIVE® in a way that suits the needs of your organization. 

Learn more about the workshops available, and the ways you can build organizational and personal expertise.

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PHCD: Principles of Healthy Child Development

Providing direct leadership to children (ages 6 to 12) in recreational settings can be a challenging experience. Join this 7.5 hour course to learn how to implement the five HIGH FIVE® guiding principles that contribute to a supportive and healthy experience for children. Learn ways to make positive child-centred interactions, and effective, age-appropriate ways to address behaviour challenges. Consisting of training, resources and tools, the HIGH FIVE® system is based on years of research and consultation with experts, and is the only quality assurance standard in North America designed to specifically support the safety, well-being and healthy development of children in sport and recreation programs. Learn best practices for healthy childhood development, and get certified.

Target Audience: Front-line leaders

Duration: 7.5 hours

Pre-requisite: None

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QUEST 1: Review of Best Practices

This online course (up to 2 hours) will help organizations improve their children’s programs by measuring the quality of the organization’s policies and procedures. It is about learning how to use the QUEST 1 Tool to asses policies and procedures, how to use the Guide to Policies and Procedures and how to increase the quality of programs by improving the content management and application of policies and procedures.

Target Audience: Directors & Managers

Duration: <2.0 hours

Pre-requisite: None

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Quest 2: Quality Experience Scanning Tools

This 7.5 hour course is for those who supervise children’s programs and are responsible for quality assurance. It provides a means of testing, evaluating and providing feedback to maintain the highest quality programming at both the individual and organizational levels. It is a means for organizations to pinpoint areas that need improvement and subsequently ensure these improvements are realized.

Target Audience: Supervisors

Duration: 7.5 hours

Pre-requisite: PHCD or HIGH FIVE® Sport

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This 4.5 hour workshop will help coaches who work with children aged 6 to 12 improve the quality of their sport programs. It is geared toward coaches of competitive athletes and provides training in the principles of healthy child development so coaches understand what they need to do to balance training and competition with each child’s social, emotional and cognitive needs. Coaches learn activities and gain knowledge, tips and resources to enhance their programs as well as their relationships with their athletes.

Target Audience: Coaches

Duration: 4.5 hours

Pre-requisite: None

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Becoming a HIGH FIVE® Trainer

This course is for those wish to become a HIGH FIVE® Trainer, to deliver PHCD (or HIGH FIVE Sport), and Quest 2 training. 

Target Audience: Individuals with extensive experience with training, children’s programming and/or recreation and sport. This training is designed for the person responsible for training staff in an organization. 

Using evidence based research, knowledge and resources a HIGH FIVE Trainer will be able to continually enhance an organization’s commitment to quality. By enrolling your staff in the Trainer program, organizations improve the quality of programs by making a commitment to continuous improvement in the area of healthy child development and training delivery. 

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Identify participant learning styles
  • Identify evidence-based content on healthy child development
  • Use creative techniques and effective communication skills to deliver training content with confidence

Result: Successful candidates will receive a certificate and are certified to teach the program across Canada

Duration: 3.0 days

Pre-requisite: PHCD and QUEST 2*

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Date Location Registration Contact

 September 25, 26, 27th            (3 days total)

Burnaby, BC

Application forms can be submitted to vsabitova@bcrpa.bc.ca 

*If applicants are missing the QUEST 2 Pre-requisite they are welcome to take the session the day prior to the course.





Becoming a HIGH FIVE® Sport Trainer

This course is for thos who wish to becom a HIGH FIVE® Sport Trainer.

Audience: Individuals with extensive experience with training & children’s programming in sport.

Duration: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: HIGH FIVE® Sport, QUEST 2, and NCCP training

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HIGH FIVE® Information Session

Learn more about the HIGH FIVE® framework, and benefits.

Audience: Managers

Duration: Customized

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Strengthening Children's Mental Health

The HIGH FIVE® Strengthening Children’s Mental Health (SCMH) program  is a one-day in-person training for youth leaders, developed in collaboration with Ontario’s Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). The program is intended for municipal staff and supervisors offering children’s programs to be better informed about providing early intervention for children’s mental health. 

Target Audience: HIGH FIVE® SCMH is an early identification awareness and response program that will educate recreation staff and supervisors on how to promote mental wellness in programs, build resiliency in children, recognize when children may be struggling with mental health challenges and how to support children and their families should they need assistance.

Learner Outcomes:

- Participants will learn key concepts and factors that affect children’s mental health including the impact of stress and environment on a child’s ability to cope.

- Tools and suggested activities to use with staff to help improve their understanding and interactions with children who face challenges in their programs.

Duration: 7.5 hours

Pre-requisite: None

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For more information contact:

Vanessa Sabitova
Strategic Initiatives Manager
604-629-0965 ext. 229