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BCRPA Past Presidents & Years Served

We feel it is important to recognize those whose dedication and hard work have helped lay the foundations for our excellence.

  Heather Turner 2016-2017
  Darryl Condon 2015-2016
  Ron Higo 2014-2015
  Gord Pederson 2013-2014
  Murray Kopp 2012-2013
  Leslie June 2011-2012
  Dean Gibson 2010-2011
  Lori MacKay 2009-2010
  David Graham 2008-2009
  Tom Osborne 2007-2008
  Patti Murray 2006-2007
  Susan Mundick 2005-2006
  Doug Henderson 2004-2005
  Kate Sparrow 2003-2004
  Ken Kreiger 2002-2003
  Betty Johnston 2001-2002
  Kate Friars 2000-2001
  Barry Reid 1999-2000
  Monty Holding 1998-1999
  Patti Hunter 1997-1998
  Earl Erickson 1996-1997
  Anne Titcomb 1995-1996
  Brian Storrier 1994-1995
  Agnes Szilos 1993-1994
  Janna Taylor 1992-1993
  Ken Yates 1991-1992
  Nancy Chiavario 1990-1991
  Ron Austen 1989-1990
  Mike Murray 1988-1989
  Doug Brimacombe 1987-1988
  Kevin Pike 1986-1987
  Gary Young 1985-1986
  Bob Vaughan 1984-1985
  Eric Broom 1983-1984
  Mike Brow 1982-1983
  Al Argent 1981-1982
  Doug Thring 1980-1981
  Marguerite Morrison 1978-1980
  F. Jack Boutilier 1977-1978
  Norma Sealey 1975-1977
  Bill Webster 1973-1975
  Les Spooner 1972-1973
  Bert Linder 1971-1972
  Harold Moist 1967-1971
  Gordon Squire 1966-1967
  Al Thiessen 1965-1966
  Don Cunnings 1963-1965
  Bruce Saunders 1962-1963
  Elmo Wolfe 1960-1962
  Ray Gould 1959-1960
  Bob Osborne 1958-1959



Rebecca B Tunnacliffe

Rebecca comes to the BCRPA from the Physiotherapy Association of BC (PABC) where she was the Chief Executive Officer for 15 years, and where she branded the BC physiotherapists as Canada’s most physically active health professionals. With PABC, she worked with and for members to guide and advance both the Association and the profession.  Reporting to the Board of Directors, she was responsible for member services, strategic planning, stakeholder relations, promotions, and operations.

Prior to PABC, Rebecca was the first Executive Director at the University Women's Club of Vancouver (1999 - 2001) where she provided vision and direction, implementing their first strategic plan, increasing public awareness, and increasing membership and services.


Previous to that she was the Associate Director of Production for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (1990 - 1999), managing the orchestra’s performances, programming, communications, and community partnerships, as well as negotiating contracts for and managing appearances of the guest artists.

Rebecca is an exceptional executive whose dynamic leadership and tenacious commitment have successfully advanced the vision of the organizations she has led and the interests of their constituents.

A seasoned professional, Rebecca is passionate about membership services and engagement. She is also an avid recreation participant and fully embraces the role that recreation and parks play in the lives of British Columbians.

The CEO's Third Thursday Missives are sent monthly to BCRPA Members by email. They can be found here (Members-only resource).


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