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2020 / 2021 BCRPA Board of Directors

 Trisha Davison R

Trisha Davison
Director of Parks & Recreation / Trail

Read how Trisha got involved with Recreation & Parks

I don’t remember saying to myself “I want to be a recreation professional,” but I do remember a moment when I knew I was in the right field.

During my youth, I worked as a park leader. We were running a park program to engage kids in play. One of the children who came to the park almost every day always came on his own. He helped the staff prepare crafts, setup games, and encouraged other kids to play. At the end of the summer, his parent expressed their thanks for the attention he had received and the sense of belonging he now felt. We didn’t know they were new to the community, and that our program had helped him make the connections and build the confidence he needed to start school in the fall. I recall knowing that I was part of something much more than “fun and games,” and it made me proud.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing people over the years! They’ve taught me the fundamentals of our sector, about being a civil servant, about leadership, and believing in others. My mentors believed in me; they gave me opportunities (some good and some more character building) that I still draw on today.

Donnie R

Donnie Rosa
General Manager / Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Read how Donnie got involved with Recreation & Parks

My mom worked at the local rec centre.  After soccer practice I would ride my bike to meet her and watch the rest of the lacrosse games for the night.  It was pure joy being in that energy.  When she had to work Saturday mornings I would tag along and attend hockey drop-in for 4 hours!!!  Being at the local centre was just a normal part of my childhood.

Upon graduating from University my mom advised me not to work for the municipality as there was a glass ceiling for women; she also introduced me to the community development coordinator who offered me a volunteer opportunity. I started to help and then was offered a job.

I thought it was not possible to love what I was doing and make a living. I took the job and found it was my dream job programming for youth and seniors. Every job since has been my dream job and now I find myself making a living at what I just naturally fell into. 

Glass ceiling smashed!!

Elizabeth Ayers Cropped

Elizabeth Ayers
Director, Recreation and Sport Services / Richmond

Read how Elizabeth got involved with Recreation & Parks

Throughout high school and university I was a lifeguard and swim instructor.  While I loved the work, seeing children learn, watching people connect and have fun I didn’t plan to make a career of it.

As I was graduating I was encouraged to apply for a programming job and the rest as they say is history.  I continued to grow, learn and develop my leadership skills and as a result was able to progress through a series of more challenging positions. At one point I also went back to school part time and completed my MBA. I believe this also opened new doors for me. 

I  am so grateful for the many opportunities, mentorship, and learnings along the way. Building healthy, active and connected individuals and communities is a rewarding and dynamic adventure every day!

 Karin Carlson Web Director

Karin Carlson
Director of Recreation and Leisure Services / City of Fort St. John

Read how Karin got involved with Recreation and Parks

I became a fitness instructor and volunteer at the local YMCA as I started university. I loved working with the members and really making an impact on their health and well-being. I originally planned to earn a science degree but because of the strong mentors I had at the YMCA, I started to consider a career in recreation, sport, and fitness. I'm so glad I decided to change my focus. I still love making a difference for people in my community, although today it is more at the community level than the individual level. It's the best job I've ever had!

In my free time I pursue mostly outdoor activities – horseback riding, combined driving (equine event), cross country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking, and camping.

Steve Kellock Bw Web

Steve Kellock
Senior Manager of Recreation Services & Facilities / New Westminster

Read how Steve got involved with Recreation & Parks

I did not take a traditional path into the recreation profession, but rather fell (or dove) into it after lifeguarding my way through my B.Sc. Biology undergrad degree. My recreation pursuits began with casual roles in both aquatics and summers spent as a day camp leader. Although I thoroughly enjoyed these opportunities, at that time they were a means to an end – to achieve my education.

When I completed my undergrad a fulltime opportunity in recreation presented itself. Less than three years into my work experience, I then landed a new role that changed my focus from program delivery to community development, reinforcing my love and desire to be a recreation professional. I found myself with a mentor who challenged and pushed me through a variety of experiences, and the community engagement work solidified my passion!

In hindsight I can now see how my early opportunities in recreation played a much larger part to engage and inspire me than I was able to see at the time, and how my early role models shaped what has become a truly fulfilling career.

Dan Ovington Web

Dan Ovington
Manager, Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation / Capital Regional District

Read how Dan got involved with Recreation & Parks

Growing up, I spent most of my time in the water either training with my swim club or with friends at the lake. At that age I had no idea that my love for the water would turn into a part-time job in aquatics, followed by a lifelong career in recreation. The flexibility of my different positions in aquatics supported me to complete a business degree, that at the time, I thought would take me down a different career path. Instead, my education and experience opened new doors in recreation including arena programming, community recreation, special events, and even community parks and trail development. I had no idea there were so many different and possible roles and responsibilities when I first started down this path, but the variety has served to keep my work exciting and new. After 20 years in the community recreation field I am still excited to see what my next adventure will be.

Jordopetrovics Web

Jordan Petrovics
Manager of Recreation Services / Golden

Read how Jordan got involved with Recreation & Parks

It is safe to say that I have always enjoyed working in positions that help keep people active, smiling and having fun. In the world of local government my story is definitely unique. The professional opportunities that have come my way have all felt like a perfect fit based on the timing in my life. With that, one opportunity has stumbled into another.  

Growing and building my knowledge through 14 years of ski resort marketing, events and media relations, I found it time to seek out something new but surprisingly very similar. When the opportunity to step into the position as Manager of Recreation Services for the Town of Golden I jumped in, tackled the challenge and didn’t look back.

There are so many great things about this field that continuously motivate me to do more. Helping provide a positive impact on the quality of life in my own community is a pretty amazing role to have and it keeps me motivated to do more and help others get involved.

 Mike Redpath Web

Mike Redpath
Director of Regional Parks / Metro Vancouver Regional District

Read how Mike got involved with Recreation & Parks

After many years of competitive swimming and hanging out at the local pools, my first job was coaching local youth and high school swim teams. I think if you hang out at the pool long enough they offer you a job as a lifeguard/swim instructor – this is how I officially entered the Parks and Recreation sector.

Professionally I have been so privileged to work and learn, over the last 30 years, from leaders in the community, in parks/recreation and the public sector. I have served with and led many teams charged with providing people of all ages, cultures and abilities access to play, major events, indoor and outdoor active and passive recreation opportunities in urban settings. I love the outdoors, it is truly the best antidote for nature deficit disorder. All my life I have spent countless hours with friends and family exploring and having fun!

Our profession is so cool – we get to develop cities, we dream, design, build, manage, operate and maintain parks, open spaces, and recreation facilities. Today I am so proud to be part of the team who are the current stewards of Metro Vancouver's amazing Regional Park system – protecting and connecting people to the region's significant parks and protected areas.

Looking to the future, our sector is key to ensuring we provide the leadership that drives important adaptation and mitigation efforts in response to the effects of climate change to preserve our amazing parks and protected areas for current and future generations to enjoy.



Rebecca Pic Cropped

Rebecca B Tunnacliffe

Read Rebecca's Bio

With a career leading provincial organizations at the executive level, Rebecca Tunnacliffe is best known for her engaging, inspirational and creative leadership style. Rebecca’s reputation is built upon a long-standing and tenacious commitment to advancing the vision of organizations and the interests of their constituents. Her strategic and tactical approach to administration elicits greatness from individuals and teams alike.

As CEO of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, her focus has included broadening relationships within provincial government and other sector partners, strengthening and engaging Association members, increasing funding and program opportunities, and creating a high-performance and inspired team culture at the board and staff level.

In her former position as CEO of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia, Rebecca raised the profile of the profession and the voice of the professionals. Membership quadrupled in her term, member services deepened and diversified, and members considered her a role-model of leadership. Similarly, in her position as the first Chief Staff Officer with the University Women’s Club, Rebecca established a strategic plan with operational goals that both met and anticipated members’ interests.

Rebecca holds a Master of English degree from Queen’s University, worked in publishing, and as an Associate Producer for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. She can often be found cycling, enjoying her yurt, or exploring the parks and trails around her home on Bowen Island.

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