BCRPA, in partnership with Katy Bigsby, founder of REiL Learning, are pleased to offer tailored courses for front-line and supervisory staff who support children with notable challenging behavioral, social and emotional needs.

These sessions are available throughout BC and are delivered in-person or via webinar.

The series is now available on our BCRPA E-Learning site! Take advantage of this easily accessible training format and gain key skills and knowledge to support children in your programs.

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Looking for a live session with Katy? Please contact education@bcrpa.bc.ca.


Strategies for Behaviours We Find Challenging courses

Supporting kids who experience anxiety 

In this session learn about:

  • How worry and anxiety are normal
  • How flexibility is key
  • What anxiety loves
  • How your role-modeling can positively impact a child’s well being
  • What exercises and activities can help manage anxiety


Pro-active strategies to minimize challenging behaviour

In this session learn about:

  • What makes a behaviour challenging
  • Being aware of one’s own triggers
  • Integrating the three building blocks of rapport, boundaries & expectations, and flexibility into practice
  • How to acknowledge and talk about behaviours we find challenging


Integrating social-emotional learning into practice

In this session learn about:

  • Models and frameworks to support social-emotional learning
  • How using social-emotional learning frameworks and models can support you in your practice
  • Activities to strengthen social-emotional learning 
  • The importance of modelling
  • How to build and maintain rapport with learners with notable social, emotional, and behavioural needs 
  • The importance of self-compassion


The Big 3 

In this session learn about:

  • How the everyday behaviours of not listening, not participating and rude behaviour can be the most challenging
  • Strategies to support listening and participation through creative engagement
  • The importance of rapport and clear guidelines
  • Revelant case scenarios as brought forward by participants


What's up with Bullying? 

In this session learn about:

  • Bullying at a systemic level 
  • Pro-active strategies to reduce the incidents of bullying
  • The importance of self-reflection
  • How to proactively build social cohesion
  • Being vulnerable is key


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