Most risk management training is focused on “buy insurance and avoid risk.” This often leads to missed recreation benefits due to exaggerated liability fears. The Risk Management course examines the legal requirements necessary for departments to avoid liability losses, while leaving acceptable risks in your parks. 

What is included in the Risk Management Course?

A full day hands-on workshop training and a comprehensive Risk Management manual, including guidelines, policies and reports. Participants will also receive a certificate after they have completed the course.

Who should register for a Risk Management Course? 

This workshop will benefit all staff from parks, community centres and other service providers including directors, commission members, supervisors and volunteers.

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Managing Liability Risks for Pools and Recreation Centres

In October 2017, the University of Regina was found to be liable for $9.1 million in damages as a result of a diving incident. The University argued during the trial that the pool had been rented to a swim club and depth of the pool and the height of the starting blocks met Swimming Canada guidelines. The decision highlights the importance of sound risk management policies and practices in all recreational facilities. Pools, gymnasiums and arenas should all be aware of lessons learned in this case.

The session will provide a case study of the Regina case as well as a number of other relevant cases stemming from a variety of parks and recreation facilities. What are the lessons learned and how can they be applied to you facility.

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Managing Summer Risks

Most risk management training is focused on “buy insurance and avoid risk.” This often leads to missed recreation benefits due to exaggerated liability fears. The curriculum in this course will provide the education and hands on training necessary for parks and recreation staff to deal with the majority of risk issues that their department might experience.

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Managing Risk for BMX on Municipal Lands

Bike Parks and BMX tracks are now being developed on municipal lands across North America. While such facilities can provide valuable benefits to the community, it is important to properly manage the liability risk exposures that such facilities place upon the municipality. This training has been developed to explain how to best handle the liability risk associated with such facilities on municipal property. 

Some of the information included in the program:

  • Explanation of legal responsibilities for municipality
  • How much of the risk can you really transfer and how?
  • Sample written maintenance and inspection policies
  • Who is qualified to inspect?
  • Effective signs for the property
  • User agreements
  • Step by step guide for development of risk management policy ...and more

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Managing Winter Risks (full day course)

The winter season brings new activities and challenges for parks and recreation departments. Participants of this practical workshop will learn about the liabilities and risks associated with winter use of parks and facilities, and the steps that can be taken to improve service delivery and operations. Topics discussed will include appropriate winter signs, toboggan hills, outdoor/indoor rinks, trail use, ski slopes, frozen ponds, winter golf course use and much more!

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