Honourary Life Members

Honourary Life Membership is a special distinction conferred by BCRPA's Board of Directors upon Members who have made outstanding contributions to BCRPA and/or the recreation and parks sector.

The Honourary Life membership recognition is bestowed sparingly and  is awarded for the lifetime of the individual.

To learn more about nominating an individual as Honourary Life Member, visit the Provincial Awards page.

Current Honourary Life Members

We salute the following people for their impressive dedication and the positive impact they have had on our sector:

Brown, May
Cunnings, Don
  Johnston, Brian
McCallum, Laird

Moist, Harold

  Murray, Mike
  Olenick, Norman
Osborne, Robert
Panton, Jim
Thompson, Myrtle
  Tunnacliffe, Rebecca
Wainborn, George
Wallace, Lawrie
Webster, Bill
  Winslade, Ken


† - Indicates an Honourary Life Member who is deceased.


2022 Honourary Life Member Gathering

2022 E Ayers Rebecca Brian Ken Norm D Rosa

From Left to Right: Elizabeth Ayers, President-Elect, Rebecca Tunnacliffe, Brian Johnston, Ken Winslade, Norman Olenick, and Donnie Rosa, President

Missing: Don Cunnings and Mike Murray