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We know many of you are thinking about having some version of camp this summer and with traditional in-person training not being a feasible option,  BCRPA has developed a series of online courses that your staff can take at-home to help them refresh their skills and get ready for summer.

All courses are now available on our E-Learning website.

Understanding and Intervening with the Explosive Child

Everyone wants to know, “What should we do about the child who has frequent meltdowns or explosions?”  In order to intervene effectively, we must first understand the origins of this challenging behaviour no matter the age of the child. This presentation will introduce the underlying emotion of frustration, and then explain why certain students have a hard time managing their frustration, including the neuroscience surrounding their behaviour. We will look at ways of intervening that avoid certain pitfalls and that have proven to be most effective for helping these children.

Leading and Guiding Children – Ways to Improve Your Interactions

When we work with children there are times when we need them to listen to us. And when they don’t, we find ourselves resorting to tactics that don’t always work and ones that we sometimes regret having used. This presentation will focus on how to get into the lead position with the children in our care that respects their developmental needs and yet allows us to do our job which is that of a teacher and guide.

Positive Behaviour Supports – Building Social Communication

"What does it mean to have a good life?” Having a good life means being able to communicate your needs in a pro-social way. In this webinar we will learn practical strategies to change the environment and increase skills so challenging behaviours are replaced with communication. We will discuss the seven pro-social behaviours required for effective communication and how we implement teaching these life skills in the context of a recreation program.

Physically Distant Camps: Stay safe while keeping the fun and connection

How to have fun with minimizing contact with others! Your back pocket will be full of ideas on how to stay safe without losing the fun and social connection.

Transitions Between Activities with Ease

Learn how to move from activity to activity with ease resulting in less resistance from your participants, faster turnover, and better outcome in participation. This program will look at the emotional needs of children during transitions as well as provide fun ways to transition smoothly.

Physical Literacy & How to Teach It

What is it and why should we teach it? But most importantly, how do you teach it? We’ll get a better understanding of this critical stage of movement and find ways to introduce it to your participants and their parents.

Lost Child Supervision Strategies

Ensuring proper supervision of children goes beyond head counts. We’ll look at ways to include supervision in everything you do to ensure you’re at the top of your game safety-wise.

Communication: Having difficult conversations with kids and talking to parents 

It’s more than a two way street. We’ll look at ways to understand what children are trying to tell us and how to have those difficult conversations. Lastly we’ll finish with how to talk with parents to get buy in and support.

Teaching a themed camp: Make yours the one they talk about!

Camps are a dime a dozen. So how do you stand out? We’ll find simple ways to bring your lesson planning up a notch and make your camp the one that all the kids are talking about at the end of summer.

Sensory-Friendly Strategies for Supporting Behaviour & Setting Up Your Outdoor Camp for Success 

This workshop will look at supporting behaviours through creating sensory-friendly spaces in recreation settings. The main focus will be on summer day camps and outdoor spaces, however many of the tools and skills will be transferrable. This workshop will explore the importance of understanding emotions by using the zones of regulation, visuals and how to use them effectively outside, and adapting your camp space through use of sensory-friendly spaces and sensory tools. Learners will be engaged through scenarios and questions and walk away with resources and considerations for planning camps this summer.

Course fees are $20 for BCRPA members and $25 for non-members. We are able to send you one invoice for your staff complement so that they don’t have to pay individually. To arrange this or for other questions, please email Janet Rerecich, Director, Education & Initiatives.

Additional Online Training


As a one-time offering during this COVID crisis, HIGH FIVE® will be creating an online PHCD certification so that you ensure your staff are following the HIGH FIVE® principles and design guidelines in all that they do with your summer campers. This is targeted to be online by June 15th and we will update this site with the link as soon as we have it. Fee for this course is $30, and includes access to the Healthy Minds for Healthy Children online training.


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Autism Awareness for Recreation Leaders

We continue to offer this free online course in partnership with Canucks Autism. This is a terrific course for all people on the front lines from camp leaders to front desk staff. Click here to take you to this course.