Due to more determined federal and provincial mandated health measures, and in support of flattening the curve of the COVID-19 virus, we will be suspending all Give it a Try! grant applications as this time.

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“Give it a Try!” is a one-day event that provides anyone over the age of 55 an opportunity to try a sport at the local community centre that is offered in the 55+ BC Games. It is an opportunity for members of the community to come together through sport to learn more about the 55+ BC Games and the services and programs at their local community centre in a fun and social environment.

The grants will be awarded to at least one local community centre in each of the 12 BC 55+ Games Society zones across BC. To learn which zone you are in, click here.

About the Give it a Try! 55+ Games

Surrey Social EventThe objective of the “Give it a Try!” program is to increase the exposure of the 55+ BC Games and the programs and services the community centre offers.  By working together, the zone and the community centre will identify sports that they would like to feature and have capacity to develop. The event will also include a social component that will allow people to meet others from their community. 

There will also be an opportunity for successful grant recipients to apply for a legacy grant of $125 to off-set the cost of equipment. The application process for the equipment grants will be forwarded with the grant letters of agreement.

What communities said about 2018 Give it a Try!

This event was a catalyst in creating a strong linkage between the City of Penticton’s Recreation Department and the Penticton Seniors Centre. Previously the two service providers operated in silos, and have since begun conversations in ways to share resources and have been working more closely to offer services in partnership.” - City of Penticton

The relationships and connections we have developed with the Community Centre staff, local businesses, participants and volunteers are invaluable.  We will continue to work together and hope to offer “GIVE IT A TRY” programs at the community centres as well as one-day events in the future.” - 55+ Games Zone 4 Director  

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