In its 48th year in 2023, the Leisure Development Course continues to provide innovative professional development for park, recreation, culture and community development personnel. As one of Canada’s premiere education opportunities presented by a faculty from varied professions; students receive timely information and modern tools to enhance their personal and professional growth and, in turn, their respective community and/or agency. Course graduates are also eligible to apply for post-secondary credits through Langara College

Students may enter the program at the year of their choosing and do not have to participate in sequential order (1, 2, 3).

The following is an abbreviated description of each year of instruction. Please note topics may change from time to time to correspond to current trends and issues in the industry, or download a PDF of the course outline.

Year One Track – Community Development

Year One discussion concentrates on the community and the role parks, recreation and culture agencies play. The sessions focus on the flexibility required to change and adapt to societal and organizational trends and issues while placing an emphasis on best practices in program management.

Featured Sessions:

  • Community Programming & UniqueEvents
  • Outcome Based Management
  • Marketing Your Organization
  • Developing & Using Motivational Skills

Year Two Track – Facility Development

Year Two provides an introduction to the methods of planning, from developing physical design programs to philosophies of community planning and creating a risk management environment. Students will gain a better understanding for development of public space, facilities and natural resources.

Featured Sessions:

  • Designing for Risk Management
  • Community Development & Recreation
  • Creating Better Places – Open Space Planning
  • Facility Planning – From the Ground Up

Year Three Track – Personal Development

Enhancing the effectiveness of the professional is specifically designed in Year Three. Students gain insight to interpersonal communication, problem solving, leadership and educating for leisure – topics critical to personal success and professional development, and for the effectiveness of your organization.

Featured Sessions:

  • Developing Personal Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Agency & Community Communications
  • Educating for Leisure