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 About the Leisure Development Course

For the first time in 46 years the 2021 Leisure Development Course (LDC) is going virtual! In order that another year for the students is not lost and we can maintain the program’s sequence, the LDC curriculum will be presented online via Zoom. Participants will continue to receive the high standard of teaching and professional development learning from our instructors. Only entity missing will be the social aspect of the program with the students and instructors, which has always been a huge part of the ongoing success of the LDC. Here is what 2021 will look like:

  • Instruction dates May 31st through June 4th
  • Sessions this year will focus on: Community Development; Open Space Planning; Facility Planning; and Risk Management
  • Total classroom (instruction) hours will be approximately 24
  • LDC 2021 registration fee $500/student
  • Students are expected to be present for all instruction periods
  • Correspondence assignments will be issued at completion of instruction
  • Successful graduating students (Year 3s) will be eligible to apply for post-secondary credits

2021 Registration and LDC information

For further information regarding the Leisure Development Course contact Chris Nelson by email.

In 2021 the Leisure Development Course is pleased to partner with Patron Platinum Sponsor Recreation Excellence as well as supporting partners; Langara College of Vancouver, DB Perks & Associates and Recreation Facilities Association of BC.

This program is endorsed by the British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association (BCRPA).