Pool Operator courses are taught by highly knowledgeable aquatic professionals in each region of the province. They are "the industry standard in swimming pool operations and maintenance" and, with outstanding satisfaction reported from over 1,000 certified candidates, BCRPA Pool Operator courses are becoming an employment requirement for an increasing number of organizations.

Level 1 is an introductory program that provides a strong foundation of core knowledge and skills.   Level 2 is an advanced program that builds on the prerequisite content of Level 1.


Train the Trainer-Become a BCRPA Pool Operator Instructor

Whether you are looking to train your aquatics staff in-house or are looking for some extra income on your weekends, this two day training will prepare you.  Pre-requisites include Level 1 & 2 Pool Operator courses, facilitation/teaching experience and pool operator experience.  For more information contact education@bcrpa.bc.ca or download your application here.

Exciting New Changes:

The BCRPA has undertaken the revision and upgrading of both the Level I & II Pool Operator courses. The new materials are designed to provide BC specific content and specifically, to reference the new BC Pool Regulations that were released in 2010 and updated in 2012. In addition, the upgrades ensure that we have consistent delivery of important course content across the province.


 Manual L1   Manual L2


Some of the new features of our upgrading include:
  • New Participant Manuals for Level I and II which will act as a rich take-away resource
  • Standardized PowerPoint slides for Instructors
  • British Columbia specific content
  • References to the BC Pool Regulations and Guidelines