The Way Forward

The Way Forward - A New Vision for the Parks, Recreation and Culture Sector

The Way Forward is a pioneering document.

As the first comprehensive strategic plan for the parks, recreation and culture sector in British Columbia, it represents a momentous step in coordinating stakeholders, assets, programs and initiatives to work as a collective body toward a shared vision of a high quality of life for all British Columbians and related common goals. It outlines a definitive action plan to guide us through the next decade toward our goals and is the foundation of the development of operational strategic plans for the Association.

The Way Forward is a superb resource for the sector and includes a number of components that you will find useful for your community or organization. On this page you will find links to these and other tools and resources.

This site will also highlight The Way Forward in action; accounts and reports of the ongoing efforts and accomplishments of the BCRPA and the sector at large as we move forward in collectively fulfilling our sector’s mission and vision.

We invite you to explore the information and resources available on this site and to share with us how you are using The Way Forward in your work to create a high quality of life for all British Columbians.

Watch this video for an update on what's been done to take action.

The Way Forward: A Strategic Plan 

Tools & Resources

Video Summary of Sectoral Plan

Plan in Action video - accomplishment highlights