These are the rates for the training packages* charged by BCPRA to the Host Organization. The Host is responsible for setting their own registration fees for courses as they also need to recover costs for the facilitator, venue and shipping of materials.


Training Package Fees
PHCD-Registered Org  Fee $45
PHCD - Non-RO $55
HIGH FIVE® SPORT - Registered Org Fee $35
HIGH FIVE® SPORT - Non-Registered Org Fee $47
QUEST 2- Registered Org Fee $85
QUEST 2- Non-Registered Org Fee $110
QUEST 1 $350
Becoming a HIGH FIVE® TRAINER-Registered Org Fee $809
Becoming a HIGH FIVE® TRAINER-Non-Registered Org Fee $909
All Registered Organizations save $10 on all training packages! 
*Training Packages include the following: course manual, ability to takeHigh Five Star Bullet the online course 'Healthy Minds Healthy Children' at no-cost and access to a variety of resources that can be downloaded from


All prices below reflect a single course shipment of maximum 25 training packages. For any order with extra training packages, additional costs will be incurred.

Region Rate Charged Map
Lower Mainland - GVRD $25
Lower Mainland - Fraser Valley / Squamish / Whistler $40
Vancouver Island $40
Okanagan $50
Kootenays $55
Cariboo $55
North Coast / Nechako $60
Peace River / Liard $60