Store Discounts

Stores offering discounts to BCRPA Fitness Leaders are advertised on our website. If you know of a store in your region that offers a discount to Fitness Leaders, please forward the store’s name to the BCRPA office and we will contact them.

Note: the BCRPA is neither affiliated with nor endorses any of the companies listed on this page. Information is posted for the benefit of our registered fitness leaders and should be confirmed with each individual store.

Store Discounts to BCRPA Fitness Leaders

10% general discount, 20% discount on selected items

Store Contact

Ladysport Cm 2015 Web

Fitfirst Web

LadySport and FitFirst hosts an instructor discount program for all eligible BCRPA instructors.

Eligibility is determined by proof of current certification by BCRPA upon time of purchase.

Learn the details of the instructor discount program.

LadySport BCRPA Discount Merchandise Program

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders receive 30% off key fitness related apparel and footwear including:

 Nike Logo  Newbalance Logo  Brooks Logo  Asics Logo  Run On Clouds Logo

The program has been met with enthusiasm by both the members and the vendors who have taken part.

If you live outside the Lower Mainland, you may contact the store to make your order.

To receive a program brochure and more information contact: 
Phone: (604) 733-1173 
Fax: (604) 733-1595 


50% Discount

Store Contact
General Sales Enquiries:
Tel: 917-310-3827
50% discount on first month of service.
Use promo code: bcrpa50


30% Discount

Store Contact
Real Life Health Management Inc.
Real Life Personal Training Software
Phone: 1-800-618-6823


25% Discount

Store Contact

Public Myth – Ethical Activewear for Women

*Certified fitness pros are given a code to use online or in-store. Apply to the Public Myth R&D Program here.

  • 25% off Activewear, Hats & Water Bottles
  • 15% off Bamboo & Organic Cotton Collections

Shop online: 

Shop in-store:

Public Myth Retail Showroom
1631 Powell St, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 737-8565


20% Discount 

Store Contact
Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Balanced Healing Clinic
Phone: (604) 298-0600
Ellswear Activewear Address: #7 – 616 Hillside Avenue, Victoria BC, V8T 1Z2 
Phone: (205) 721-5356
Order Toll-Free Fax:(800) 267-3557 (ELLS)
Kintec Footlabs 

Receive 20% off all regularly priced footwear and sports medicine products. Discount does not apply to sale items.


Open Door Yoga  Phone: 778-371-8179


15% Discount

Store Contact
Frontrunners Phone: (250) 721-9642 
Heart of Touch Bodywork, Victoria  Phone: (250) 882-0478 
Lotus Yoga Wear
Phone: 1-888-568-8797
New Balance  Phone: (604) 501-1333 
Prosafe First Aid Training School Phone: (604) 585-7233
The Run Inn Phone: (604) 267-7866
Tonic Lifestyle Apparel 1-877-MYTONIC
*call for information about participating retailers in your area
Yoga in Mind 
Phone: (604) 948-9668


10% Discount

Store Contact
Farwest Sport & Cycle, Prince Rupert Phone: (250) 624-2568 
Fitness AV  Phone: (604) 696-9006 
Phone: (604) 732-4535
(Discount excludes HeartRate Monitors & BabyJoggers)
Discounts available at the following locations:
Frontrunners Victoria
1200 Vancouver St., Victoria BC  Phone: (250) 382-8181 
Frontrunners Shelbourne
3569 Shelbourne St., Victoria, BC  Phone: (250) 384-4786
Frontrunners Westshore
123-755 Goldstream Ave., Langford, BC  (250) 391-7373
Incrediball Enterprises Ltd. 
Phone: 1-877-348-2255
Rackets and Runners
Phone: (604) 733-9211
Lakefront Sport Centre, Kelowna  Phone: (250) 598-2469
The Swim & Fitness Shop Phone: (604) 270-1260 or (604) 552-7724 
Team Aquatic Supplies Phone: (604) 980-2805 
Twist Conditioning Inc Phone: (604) 904-6556 
Fitness Town 

Additional Benefits

The BCRPA Fitness Registration Program works on your behalf to develop strategic partnerships with fitness-related companies and agencies to bring you the best possible benefits and savings. 

Job Listings

Trusted by industry professionals, the BCRPA job listings web page has become a one-stop-shop for job seekers looking for work in the fitness industry or parks and recreation sector. The page is used by fitness and parks and recreation employers across the province, making it the best place to start your job search.

Being a BCRPA Fitness Leader entitles you to member rates for posting jobs on the BCRPA website. Job postings cost $38.50 for BCRPA members and Registered Fitness Leaders and $66 for non-members. Discounted job posting bundles are also available, offering even greater savings. 

Jobs are posted for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Single Job
Members & Registered Fitness Leaders $40
Non-members $80

Plus save more with a job bundle purchase of 5, 10, or 25 job postings. View rates here.

Taking your postings further

Once the listing is published on the BCRPA web site, a job alert will also be posted to our Twitter account, providing you with added exposure and reach.

Visit the job listings web page for more information.

Lady Sport BCRPA Discount Merchandise Program

Lady Sport, in conjunction with several suppliers, has established a program to recognize BCRPA members. The program offers significant discounts on selected items. Look for discount updates in FitLifeBC Magazine

To receive a program brochure and more information contact Lady Sport: Tel. 604-733-1173; Fax. 604-733-1595;  info(at)

Transferrable Registration: National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA)

Nflalogo 000  

The BCRPA is a member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA), a nationwide group of Provincial/Territorial government-affiliated fitness agencies.

The National Fitness Leadership Alliance of Canada is a partnership of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of exercise accreditation and leadership. NFLA Canada is dedicated to the promotion of active living for all Canadians. We do this by providing a variety of community-based services, education, accreditation and an unbiased transparent and standardized registration program to exercise professionals.

What We Do

NFLA’s main focus is on the development and stewardship of national standards for fitness leader registration across Canada, and as such we:
  • work collaboratively to develop and distribute resources for exercise professionals in Canada;
  • are a national and international advocate for exercise professionals;
  • identify and address issues of common concern.

Our role as a register

The NFLA is recognized by the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals 


Icreps Logo

ICREPs members operate in 4 continents, over seven countries, and collectively register over 60,000 individual exercise professionals. ICREPs has also produced a global matrix that maps each ICREPs member’s registration levels against the others, which provides a clear pathway for exercise professionals considering moving countries.

Our connection to ICREPs furthers our goals by providing international portability and recognition for Canadian exercise professionals and by allowing us to share best practices and information with international partners.

Transferring Your Registration:
Here are the Alliance members to contact if you need to transfer your BCRPA registration to another province:

Province / Organization

Contact Information

British Columbia / 
BC Recreation and Parks Association
North West Territories 
Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification
Association (AFLCA)


Alberta / 
Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification
Association (AFLCA)
Saskatchewan / 
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation
Association (SPRA)
  • 306-780-9470
  • Toll Free: 1-800-563-2555
  • Website
Manitoba / 
Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC)
Ontario / 
Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)
New Brunswick / 
Fitness New Brunswick (FNB)
Prince Edward Island /
Fitness New Brunswick (FNB)
Nova Scotia / 
Nova Scotia Fitness Association (NSFA)

Your BCRPA registration is also recognized outside of Canada. For instance, it will allow you to work in the U.S. and at many vacation resorts around the world.

Human Kinetics Course of the Month - March 2021

Hk Logo Horizontoal Web

March 2021 Course of the Month

  • Offer valid Mar 1 to Mar 31, 2021

2021 03 Mar Course Image

  • Save 40% off regular price
  • Earn 8.5 BCRPA Fitness CECs

Enable your clients and athletes to transform their bodies as they build muscle, lose fat, and maximize performance with The New Power Eating With CE Exam. Author Susan Kleiner delivers the proven strategies she’s used with male and female professional athletes and Olympians in one practical, effective course that gives you the know-how to help your clients reach their personal goals.

In The New Power Eating, Kleiner brings together the latest scientific research on nutrition planning and explains nutrient timing guidelines. Whether it’s a heavy or light training day, in peak season or off-season, you’ll learn how your clients can achieve their physique and performance goals safely, legally, and effectively.

You’ll also find fascinating facts, based on the author’s research, that explain how the relationship with food and the gut-brain axis can affect physical and emotional health and performance. Discover gender-specific guidance and strategies that take advantage of the body’s benefits and overcome unhealthy triggers or habits to create and maintain an effective Power Eating plan. To see more click here.

Use code B308 to receive 40% off regular price. Offer valid Mar 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2021.

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2021 03 Mar Course Of The Month

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