Fitness Program Policies


On this page, you will find the following policies:

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Confidentiality and Disciplinary Policies

BCRPA's Fitness Program Code of Ethics provides guidance, individually and collectively, to all BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders in order to maintain a high level of ethical conduct.

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Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

  • CEC’s are approved at increments of 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75.     
  • ICE evaluations can be approved for 1.5 CEC’s; maximum 1 ICE per renewal period.
  • First Aid and CPR are registration renewal requirements therefore, NOT eligible for CEC's

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BCRPA Exams – Purchases, Refunds and Expiration

  • Once you have purchased the Fitness Theory or Older Adult Exam, there is no expiration date to schedule the exam
  • A refund can only be granted within 3 months of the purchase date
  • Exam fees are non-transferrable and cannot be used for another Fitness Student
  • First-year registration must be purchased within 1 year of passing the Fitness Theory Exam

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BCRPA Exams  Online Exam Policy

Test takers are expected to follow regulations set out by ProctorU as described by the Proctor at the beginning of the exam session, and as they are laid out in the notification sent by The Registry® of Fitness Professionals upon purchase of the exam. If misconduct is deemed plausible, the exam score will be nulled.

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Payment Method

Accepted payment methods:

  • BCRPA accepts payment by credit card and money orders

Not accepted:

  • Personal Cheques, and Visa/Credit Debit cards are not accepted forms of payment for registration, renewal, and event registration

BCRPA reserves the right to suspend the registration status of a Fitness Leader who has not met all renewal requirements, including providing full payment via credit cards or money orders.

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Privacy Policy  Authorization to Contact BCRPA on Behalf of Fitness Leaders

In compliance with Provincial Privacy legislation, BCRPA does not discuss matters relating, but not limited to, the registration progress, registration status, exam results, SFL or TFL application progress with anyone other than the individual Fitness Leader themselves.

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Online Registration Renewal System Administrative Fee for Hard Copy Submissions

BCRPA has fully transitioned to an automated self-serve registration renewal system. All renewals must be processed online through The Registry® (no exceptions). All registration renewal submissions to BCRPA must be done online through the accounts of individual Fitness Leaders.

BCRPA reserves the right to refuse renewal documents (i. e. CEC certificates) that are submitted as hard copies. Manual handling of such documents (i. e. BCRPA staff’s inputting of the renewal documents into a Fitness Leader’s account) will be subject to an administration fee of $25 per submission.

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First Aid and CPR Certifications

Online only First Aid and CPR training is NOT accepted for registration or renewal. Hybrid courses (part online and part in-person) are accepted. 

Renewal dates for the CPR and First Aid certifications depend on the expiration date set by the issuing certifier/s. If your certificate does not have an expiry date, BCRPA will accept it as current for two years from the issue date. For insurance purposes, BCRPA requires confirmation that the certificates are valid at the time of your Fitness Leader renewal and that they remain current for the duration of your registration period. 

An invalid or expired First Aid and/or CPR certification automatically indicates an invalid BCRPA registration (i.e. your BCRPA registration is not in good standing).

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Parental or Medical Leave

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders may apply for a maximum one-year parental or medical leave from their practice. For terms and conditions and the application form, click here.

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