Renewing My Registration

BCRPA's Fitness Registration offers a fully automated self-serve registration renewal system. All renewals must be processed online through The Registry® of Fitness Professionals (no exceptions). All registration renewal submissions to BCRPA must be done online through your personal account as an individual Fitness Leader. 

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Renewing Your Registration and Maintaining Good Standing

To stay current with your BCRPA Fitness Registration, Fitness Leaders must have the following completed before your renewal date:

  • Current CPR certification (minimum: CPR-A)
  • Current First Aid certification (minimum: Emergency or Standard First Aid)
  • Proof of Continuing Education Credits*
    • Fitness Leaders (1-year registration) - 6 credits total required
    • SFL/TFL (1-year registration) - 8 credits total required
  • Pay your 1-year registration Fee of $105 or $150** for Personal Trainers, before your renewal date

*Please check your account on The Registry® to see if you have any outstanding CECs before you can renew. As we transition to a one-year registration process, you may still need to complete the requirements for the 2-year registration process of 12 CECs for Fitness Leaders and 16 CECs for T/SFLs. 

Please submit your CEC petitions early. Processing of CEC petitions may take between 5-10 business days.

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your BCRPA Registration and your CPR and First Aid certifications valid. 

**For Fitness Leaders who have a Personal Training specialty designation but are not currently practicing as a Personal Trainer or have coverage through another provider and therefore do not require additional insurance:

  • You may renew your BCRPA Fitness Leader Registration at the amount of $105/year. 

Please note that the insurance included in Fitness Leader renewal does not cover the scope of practice for Personal Trainers. Therefore, as soon as you begin practicing as a Personal Trainer once again, you will need to either submit proof of insurance via a certificate of insurance OR purchase your Personal Trainer liability insurance through The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Note: Once any of these expire, you are no longer covered under the BCRPA insurance program.

New insurance updates and options starting March 1, 2023

  • Insurance coverage for at-home training is now included in your general liability insurance along with your renewal fee
  • All insurance policies cover online training. Review the terms and conditions
  • $5 million general liability insurance is available for all registered Fitness Leaders
  • All registered Fitness Leaders may choose from $2 million or $5 million general liability insurance when they renew

Beginning April 1, 2023, the following  renewal rates are in effect:

Fitness Leaders excluding Personal Trainers specialty:

  • Registration renewal with $2 million general liability coverage - $110
  • Registration renewal with $5 million general liability coverage - $135

Fitness Leaders including Personal Trainer specialty:

  • Registration renewal with $2 million general liability coverage - $165
  • Registration renewal with $5 million general liability coverage - $215

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Updating Your Account on The Registry®

For information about updating your CECs click here.

To update your First Aid and CPR certification:

  1. Login to the The Registry® of Fitness Professionals
  2. Click the "First Aid Certificate" and/or the "CPR Certificate" tab
  3. Click the "+ Add Certificate" Button
  4. Fill out the information and click "save"

Note: You are not required to submit copies of your certificates unless you are selected for a random audit.

Below is a screenshot of First Aid and CPR input areas within your user account on The Registry®.

CPR & First Aid


To pay your Renewal fee:

  1. Login to the The Registry® of Fitness Professionals
  2. Click the "Manage Registration" tab
  3. Click the "Proceed with Purchase" button
    1. Note: This button is only viewable if you have met all registration renewal requirements and are within their renewal window of time (3 months before expiration date)
  4. Follow the prompts and complete your purchase. 

Important Note: Payment is accepted by credit card. Credit/Debit, Debit Cards, or Personal Cheques are not accepted

Below is a screenshot of the Manage Registration area within your user account on The Registry®

Manage RegistrationFurther details on how to use The Registry® can be found here or you can view this short 3 minute video.

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Scope of Practice

The Scope of Practice identifies the range of responsibilities for BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders in each Core and Advanced Specialty Module. It is expected that Fitness Leaders comply with their Scope of Practice; doing so ensures that they are covered by the Commercial General Liability insurance plan through SportBC Insurance Agencies Ltd. 

Click here to read the full Scope of Practice.

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Code of Ethics

BCRPA's Fitness Registration Program Code of Ethics provides guidance – individually and collectively – to all BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders in order to maintain a high level of ethical conduct. The essential principles of the Code of Ethics are honesty and integrity. Fitness Leaders who reflect these characteristics will be a credit to BCRPA, the institutions they represent, and themselves.

Click here to read the complete Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct policy, including Confidentiality and Disciplinary policies.

In summary, BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders will:

  • Actively support the mission and philosophy of BCRPA's Fitness Program
  • Be forthright in all dealings with the public; with integrity and without compromise, always act in the best interests of the public's well-being
  • Treat all people equally and with respect for human dignity
  • Uphold high ethical standards, bringing integrity and honesty to the profession
  • Recognize individual boundaries of competence and refer to more qualified fitness or health professionals when appropriate
  • Participate in continuing education and training to upgrade knowledge and stay current in the fitness profession
  • Preserve the credibility and dignity of colleagues and associates by exhibiting professionalism in all situations
  • Comply with the spirit, as well as the letter of all applicable business, employment and copyright laws and regulations
  • Enhance community well-being by providing a high level of excellence in both professional skills and knowledge
  • Strive to bring credit to the fitness profession by meeting or exceeding the standards of BCRPA's Fitness Program
  • Present themselves truthfully in conjunction with the BCRPA name and its associated professional credentials

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Renewal requires proof and verification of insurance.