Become a Weight Training Fitness Leader

With the Weight Training Specialty you may design, modify and lead safe basic / orientation exercise training programs by providing effective and appropriate exercises in order to meet the needs of the participants.

Step1 Create Account V2 Step2 Fitness Theory V2  Step3 Cpr First Aid V2 
Step4 Year1 V2 Step5 Specialty V2  Step6 Practicial Ice Only 


Step 1: Create an Account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals

The Registry® of Fitness Professionals is where you create your professional profile. Similar to LinkedIn, The Registry® is where potential employers and clients can find you and verify your credentials.  

This is also where you will track your Speciality Module Courses, CPR/First Aid certifications, and your Continuing Education Credits (CECs). For more information on The Registry® click here.

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Step 2: Complete the Fitness Theory Course and Exam

Fitness Theory Course 

The Fitness Theory Course is NOT a requirement for BCRPA's Fitness Program registration. However, it is highly recommended as it will prepare you for the mandatory Fitness Theory Exam. 

View our Approved Fitness Theory Course Providers Below:

Location Delivery Method Name Contact Website
 Abbotsford In- Person   Sue Luck-Claxton Click here to Email Sue  Abbotsford Fitness

Delta/Lower Mainland

In-Person  Fitt for You Fitness  Click Here to Email Monica
CFES Fitness Knowledge Course 
New Westminster In- Person Douglas College Douglas College Fitness Theory Course
 Online  Virtual Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)  CFES Fitness Knowledge Home Study Program 




In -Person, Hybrid or On-Demand KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio  Click here to email KINESIOLOGISTS.CA




In -Person or On-Demand Infofit Fitness Career College Click here to email Infofit 

Infofit Fitness Theory Course

Use the promo code BCRPA10 at checkout for 10% off. 

 Vancouver In-Person or Hybrid Melanie Galloway  Click Here to Email Melanie 
Victoria  In-Person (May 31 - June 3, 2024) Donna Renaud Click here to email Donna


Phone number:




Victoria  In -Person or On-Demand Body Blueprint Click here to email Body Blueprint

Contact the course provider for complete information, including course duration, course outline, course components, time commitment and course requirements. Prices for the Fitness Theory Course ranges from $315 - $565 depending on the course provider and format of delivery (i.e. Smaller class sizes or 1-on-1 may see higher fees).

If you do not wish to take a course, the CFES, Body Blueprint, and Fitness Theory manuals can be purchased directly from the suppliers.  

Fitness Theory Exam

The Fitness Theory Exam is a requirement for initial registration with BCRPA and must be completed before purchasing your first-year registration.

If you require any accommodations to write the exam, please email us.

Note: If you do not successfully pass the exam on your first attempt, we strongly encourage you take the Fitness Theory Course prior to re-writing the exam. You will only be able to purchase 3 exams before you are advised to contact the BCRPA office. 

Preparing for the exam:

The following resources have been created to help you prepare for the exam.

When you are ready to take the Exam:  
  1. Log in to your new account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals  
  2. Click on the Exam History tab towards the bottom of your User Account page.Exam Purchase button  
  3. Click the Purchase Exam button.
  4. Then, follow the instructions to purchase your Fitness Theory Exam.  
    • Payment is accepted by credit card. Credit/Debit, Debit Cards, or Personal Cheques are not accepted. 

Once payment has cleared, exam information and further instructions will be emailed to you. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.  

Exam format:
  • This Exam is written online only and is hosted on ProctorU. Photo ID, along with a webcam, microphone, speaker, and computer running on Widnows 10 or higher with Internet connection are required.  
  • Cost - $110 + GST ($80 exam + $30 ProctorU service fee)
  • Exam Length - 60 questions, multiple choice
    • Important note: The system shows one question at a time. You will not be able to go back, review, or update your answer to a question once you have clicked the “next” button to continue the exam. 
  • Time Given - 60 minutes 
  • Passing Grade - 80% (48/60) 

Please read the complete Online Exam Policy before completing any online exams.

Refunds and Expiration Policy

Once you have purchased the Exam, there is no expiration date to schedule and write the Exam.  

However, a refund can only be granted within 3 months of the purchase date. Exam fees are non-transferrable and cannot be used for another Fitness Student.  

Exam fees are only applicable to the account on which it was purchased. 

Note: You have one (1) year from the date of passing the Fitness Theory Exam to purchase your first-year registration; registration is a mandatory pre-requisite prior to starting work on your Core Specialty.

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Step 3: Obtain CPR and First Aid Certification

After you pass your Fitness Theory Exam you will have one year to complete your First Aid and CPR certification and purchase your first-year registration. However, you may complete this step before writing the Exam.  

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders and Fitness Students are required to have current CPR and First Aid certifications at all times. These certifications must come from the following organizations or from companies that are authorized by them to provide these certifications: 

  • Red Cross 
  • St. John’s Ambulance 
  • Canadian Ski Patrol 
  • Lifesaving Society or
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation 

Note: BCRPA only accepts those First Aid and CPR courses that include an in-person, practical component (ie. full in-person class or blended class of online and in-person)

Fitness Leaders are required to have a minimum of CPR-A certification and either Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid certification.  Higher level certifications are accepted.  *** Please check with your employer for minimum certification requirements, which may be different from the BCRPA. Prices for the First Aid and CPR classes range from $100-$200 depending on the provider. 

Once you have received your First Aid and/or CPR certifications, log in to The Registry® and update this information in your account under the "CPR Certificate" and "First Aid Certificate" tabs of your User Account. 

If you receive an audit message when updating your CPR and/or First Aid certifications, please follow the instructions as quickly as you can so that the audit can be completed, and your update accepted.

Consult The Registry®User Manual if you require assistance.

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Step 4: Purchase Your First-Year Registration

As soon as you pass your Fitness Theory Exam, you can register with BCRPA for $105 - valid for one year from the date of registration. Registration can be purchased on your account on The Registry® under the "Manage Registration" tab.  

During your first-year registration you are considered a Fitness Student and are required to complete your Speciality Module Course and pass your Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) (Steps 5 and 6) within this one year timeframe.

Note: You are not required to earn continuing education credits (CECs) during your first-year registration.  

If you wish to delay your registration process, you will be able to purchase your registration within one year of passing your Fitness Theory Exam.

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Step 5: Take the Weight Training Core Specialty Module Course

BCRPA-approved Weight Training Core Specialty Module Courses were developed in accordance to the Fitness Leadership Canada's Weight Training Performance Standards and are a minimum of 16 hours in length.

BCRPA-approved specialty module courses have both classroom theory components, and practical, hands on components. Depending on the course and/or the instructor, there are quizzes, exams, and projects that must be completed as well. Check with your course provider regarding the requirements for your chosen course.

Important Notice

Please be advised that all courses are offered and/or facilitated by independent presenters / providers. While BCRPA's Fitness Program approves that the proposed content of the course is applicable to Fitness Leaders and fulfills registration requirements as a specialty module, BCRPA's Fitness Program is not affiliated with their operation and delivery and assumes no further responsibility or liability to registrants / participants taking these courses. All inquiries, registrations and any other issues are to be referred directly to the course providers. 

Contact the course provider for complete information, including course duration, course outline, course components, time commitment and course requirements. Prices for the Weight Training Specialty Module Course ranges from $349 - $514 depending on the course provider. 

The course providers listed below have been verified by BCRPA and meet the course requirements for BCRPA Fitness Registration. These specialty module courses are the only courses accepted for BCRPA Fitness Registration.

Location Delivery Method Name Contact Website



In-Person Fitt for You Fitness CFES Weight Training Course  
New Westminster In-Person Douglas College Click Here to Email Douglas College




In-Person, Hybrid, or On-Demand  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio   Click here to email KINESIOLOGISTS.CA  


 Vancouver In-Person or Hybrid  Melanie Galloway Click Here to Email Melanie  



Virtual and In-Person Options   INFOFIT Educators  604-683-0785 or click here to email INFOFIT   INFOFIT Weight Room Instructor Course 




Virtual and In-Person Options   Body Blueprint Fitness Education  Body Blueprint Weight Training Courses


Note: Fitness related in-person and online workshops count toward professional development and are for CECs only – they do not qualify as a specialty module course. CECs are a registration renewal requirement that comes into effect once you have completed your first year of registration. Fitness Students are not required to earn CECs. 

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Step 6: Complete the Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

The ICE component is completed with a qualified ICE Evaluator. Each fitness specialty will have different requirements. Prices for the ICE typically range from $60 - $200.

Before starting on this process:

When you have completed and passed your ICE, your evaluator will inform BCRPA. 

Note: ICE package processing may take between 5 to 10 business days.

Insurance Coverage

Your BCRPA First-Year registration provides you with a temporary insurance policy valid for the duration of your one-year registration. This temporary policy covers you to work with classmates and members of the public while completing all required practical components, including your ICE evaluation. 

For this insurance to be valid:

  • You must have valid CPR and First Aid coverage at all times; and 
  • You must complete and pass the Weight Training Core Fitness specialty module before your First-Year Registration expires.

Once you have completed the 6 steps listed above, your specialty  will be added to your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.


You have now completed a Core Specialty Module and are a BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader!

Note: Your registration status will be updated from Fitness Student to Fitness Leader after you have renewed your registration. Review this page for more details on maintaining your registration.  

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