Become a Personal Trainer 

The Personal Training specialty can be completed at any time and does not have to be completed within your first year of registration.

Personal Trainers design and instruct a comprehensive, individualized, safe, effective and appropriate program to meet the needs of apparently healthy individuals who have received medical clearance.

Step S0 Prerequisites 
Step S1 Specialtymodule Step S2 Specialtyexam Step S3 Ice


Prerequisite – Complete a Core Specialty

To become a Personal Trainer, you must first complete the BCRPA Weight Training Core Specialty Module. For information on how to get your Weight Training Core Specialty, click here

Prerequisite: 12 Program Log

Following your completion of the Weight Training Core Specialty, you must complete 12 beginner-level programs (12 programs total, one per client) prior to registering for a BCRPA-approved Personal Training Advanced Specialty Module Course.

More information about the 12-beginner-program requirements can be found here.

  • For additional guidance, consult with your Weight Training or Personal Training course provider.
  • A sample tracking sheet designed for this purpose can be found here.

Once you have completed the 12 programs, please present a copy of the completed tracking sheet AND copies of all 12 programs to your chosen Personal Training course provider for review before registering in the Personal Training Course. 

Note: Some course providers allow all members of the general public to enroll in their courses without checking for prerequisite training. If you are seeking BCRPA Registration, you must ensure that you have met all BCRPA prerequisite requirements as described here – if you have not met the criteria outlined, you will not be permitted to register as a Personal Trainer with BCRPA. 

It is your responsibility to complete the 12 programs, as well as all other previous registration steps, and to provide documentation to the Personal Training course provider, whether or not the course provider requests it. During a random audit, the course provider may be asked to provide BCRPA with a copy of your 12-program tracking sheet, signed off by the course provider.

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Step 1: Take the Personal Training Advanced Specialty Module Course

BCRPA-approved Personal Training Advanced Specialty Module Courses were developed in accordance with the Fitness Leadership Canada's Personal Training Performance Standards and are a minimum of 32 hours in length.

BCRPA-approved specialty courses have both classroom theory components, and practical, hands-on components. Depending on the course and/or the instructor, there are quizzes, exams, and projects that must be completed as well. Check with your course provider regarding the requirements for your chosen course. 

Important Notice

Please be advised that all courses are offered and/or facilitated by independent presenters / providers. While BCRPA's Fitness Program approves that the proposed content of the course is applicable to Fitness Leaders and fulfills registration requirements as a specialty module, BCRPA's Fitness Program is not affiliated with their operation and delivery and assumes no further responsibility or liability to registrants / participants taking these courses. All inquiries, registrations and any other issues are to be referred directly to the course providers. 


Contact the course provider for complete information, including course duration, course outline, course components, time commitment and course requirements. Prices for the Personal Training Specialty Module Course ranges from $445 - $600 depending on the course provider.

The course providers listed below have been verified by BCRPA and meet the course requirements for BCRPA Fitness Registration. These specialty module courses are the only courses accepted for BCRPA Fitness Registration.

Location Delivery Method Name Contact Website



In-Person  Fitt For You Fitness  CFES Personal Trainer Course 
New Westminster In-Person Douglas College Click Here to Email Douglas College




In-Person, Hybrid or On-Demand KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio   Click here to email KINESIOLOGISTS.CA  





Virtual & In-Person Options  INFOFIT Educators 604-683-0785 or click here to email INFOFIT   INFOFIT Personal Trainer Courses 




Virtual & In-Person Options  Body Blueprint Fitness Education Body Blueprint Personal Training Courses  


Note: Fitness related in-person and online workshops count toward professional development and are for CECs only – they do not qualify as a specialty module course. CECs are a registration renewal requirement that comes into effect once you have completed your first year of registration. Fitness Students are not required to earn CECs. 

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Step 2: Personal Training Exam

The BCRPA Personal Training Exam is based on the Fitness Leadership Canada's Personal Training Performance Standards and is a requirement for registering as a BCRPA Personal Trainer. 

A passing mark on the BCRPA Personal Training Exam is 70%. Your Personal Training Course Provider will be able to assist you in making arrangements to write this exam. Exams can be arranged through certain course providers offering BCRPA-approved courses or through special arrangements with an external exam proctor. For more information about the Personal Training Exam and exam proctoring follow this link

After you pass the BCRPA Personal Training Exam you will have one year from your exam date to get registered in Personal Training. Please ensure that you also keep your Weight Training registration current, and that you maintain current CPR and current first aid certification as well, during the time it takes to complete your module. 

Exam format:

  • Cost - $85 plus tax, as of Jan 1, 2020
  • Exam Length - 60 questions (multiple choice), match-ups and one case study 
  • Time Given - 3 hours 
  • Passing Grade - 70% 

Preparing for the Personal Training Exam:

In preparing for the Personal Training Exam, you may find the following resources helpful:  

The Personal Training Exam is a paper exam and must be proctored by an external proctor. To write this exam please follow the instructions listed here: Proctored Exam Procedure

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Step 3: Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

Requirements For This Step

The Personal Training ICE involves both a written and an in-person component. For the in-person evaluation, you will need to ask friends/family members to act as "clients". You will also need to obtain permission from a local fitness facility to use it for your evaluation. 

Completing the ICE Component

The ICE component is completed with a qualified ICE Evaluator. Each fitness specialty will have different requirements. Prices for the ICE typically range from $60 - $200.

Before starting on this process:

When you have completed and passed your ICE, your Evaluator will inform the BCRPA office. 

Note: ICE package processing may take between 5 to 10 business days.

Insurance coverage

Your BCRPA Fitness Registration provides you with an insurance policy that covers you to work with classmates and members of the public while completing all required practical components, including your ICE evaluation. 

For this insurance to be valid:

  • You must have valid CPR and First Aid certification at all times; and 
  • You must complete all practicum and ICE requirements, and 
  • You must complete and pass a Core Specialty module before your First-Year Registration expires. 

Once you have completed all registration components and are a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, the BCRPA group insurance program will cover you for your work as a Personal Trainer. For full details review the insurance page. 

Once you have completed the 3 steps listed above, your specialty will be added to your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals. 


You are now a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer!

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