June is Recreation and Parks Month!

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BCRPA is joining the CPRA and fellow P/T partners once again to celebrate and promote June as Recreation and Parks Month 2022.

June is Recreation and Parks Month (#JRPM2022) supports and amplifies our advocacy and promotion of the importance of recreation and parks and the integral role it plays in quality of life for all British Columbians.

June is Recreation and Parks Month is also your opportunity to celebrate and promote your local recreation and park programs and facilities! 

To help you do this, we've put together a number of promotional materials you can use - see below.

Make sure to use #JRPM2022 when promoting or posting photos and stories during this month, to highlight your community's activities and help inspire others!

We'll be re-posting and promoting your events and stories through our social media channels to showcase all the community based activities family, friends and neighbours do together. We'll also be featuring these activities in our bi-weekly member communiques. 

Promotion Ideas:

  • Use the hashtag #JRPM2022 when promoting activities through the month of June (BCRPA will repost and showcase your stories!)
  • Showcase ways your citizens are celebrating June as Recreation and Parks month in BC!
  • Report back to us! Through our social media channels, and bi-weekly member communiqués, we will share your stories and events with members across BC, providing them with additional inspiration and motivation.

Promotional Resources:

You are welcome to use, and share the resources below to promote June is Recreation and Parks Month in your community.

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Other Resources:    

Municipal Proclamation

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Customizable Poster (Word Doc)

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