Check Qualifications

The Registry Word

Theregistry Find FlThe Registry® of Fitness Professionals has been created to assist members of the public, as well as fitness and recreation facility managers and owners in making staffing and hiring decisions by applying a common standard to all listed fitness professionals.

Individuals with Professional Profiles listed in The Registry® are all current BCRPA Registered Fitness Professionals, which means they have current CPR and First Aid certifications, and possess specialty training that has met one of the highest national standards set by Fitness Leadership Canada. Specialty areas of training include Aquatic Fitness, Group Fitness, Weight Training, Pilates Fitness, Yoga Fitness, Personal Training, Older Adult Fitness, and Osteofit, with Fitness Theory as the foundation for all specialties.

To check a prospective, or current employee's credentials:

  1. Visit The Registry® of Fitness Professionals website and click "Find a Fitness Professional"
  2. Enter the individual's name, or Fitness Leader ID number in the search bar.
  3. Once you find the Fitness Leader you are looking for, click on "more information" to view their Professional Profile.