Become an Older Adult Fitness Leader

The Older Adult specialty can be completed at any time and does not have to be completed within your first year of registration.

Older Adult Fitness Leaders get specialty training in order to effectively design, modify, and lead an older adult exercise program and provide appropriate exercises that meet the needs of participants.

Step S0 Prerequisites 
Step S1 Specialtymodule Step S2 Specialtyexam Step S3 Ice


Prerequisite – Complete a Core Specialty

To become an Older Adult Fitness Leader you need to be a current BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader in a Core Specialty Module, i.e. Aquatic Fitness, Group Fitness, Weight Training, Pilates Fitness, or Yoga Fitness.  

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Step 1: Older Adult Advanced Specialty Module

BCRPA-approved Older Adult Advanced Specialty Module Courses were developed in accordance with the Fitness Leadership Canada's Older Adult Performance Standards and are a minimum of 16 hours in length.

BCRPA-approved specialty courses have both classroom theory components, and practical, hands-on components. Depending on the course and/or the instructor, there are quizzes, exams, and projects that must be completed as well. Check with your Course Provider regarding the requirements for your chosen course.

Important Notice

Please be advised that all courses are offered and/or facilitated by independent presenters / providers. While BCRPA's Fitness Program approves that the proposed content of the course is applicable to Fitness Leaders and fulfills registration requirements as a specialty module, BCRPA's Fitness Program is not affiliated with their operation and delivery and assumes no further responsibility or liability to registrants / participants taking these courses. All inquiries, registrations and any other issues are to be referred directly to the course providers.


Contact the course provider for complete information, including course duration, course outline, course components, time commitment and course requirements. Prices for the Older Adult Specialty Module Course range from $279 - $429 depending on the course provider and typically includes the ICE.   

The course providers listed below have been verified by BCRPA and meet the course requirements for BCRPA Fitness Registration. These specialty module courses are the only courses accepted for BCRPA Fitness Registration.

Location Delivery Method Name Contact Website



In-Person Fitt For You Fitness   Click Here to Email Monica  Please email or call to register  





In-Person, Hybrid, or On-Demand  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio   Click here to email KINESIOLOGISTS.CA  


 Vancouver In-Person  Melanie Galloway Click Here to Email Melanie  Growing Strong Courses & Workshops 



In-person or Virtual Body Blueprint Click Here to Email Bodyblueprint Body Blueprint Older Adult Courses
Virtual Virtual Infofit Click here to email Infofit Infofit Older Adult Course
 Virtual  Virtual Active Initiatives  Click Here to Email Active Initiatives  Active Initiatives Older Adult Online Courses  

Note: Fitness related in-person and online workshops count toward professional development and are for CECs only – they do not qualify as a specialty module course. CECs are a registration renewal requirement that comes into effect once you have completed your first year of registration. Fitness Students are not required to earn CECs. 

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Step 2: Older Adult Specialty Exam

The Older Adult Exam is based on the Fitness Leadership Canada's Older Adult Performance StandardsThe Exam is a requirement for registration in the BCRPA Older Adult Fitness Module. Please consult with your Course Conductor regarding any other criteria. 

Exam format: 

  • Cost - $80 + GST ($65 exam + $15 ProctorU service fee)
  • Exam Length - 30 questions, multiple choice 
  • Time Given - 30 minutes 
  • Passing Grade - 80.0% (24/30) 

To guide your exam preparations, it is highly recommended that you review the Older Adult Performance Standards

Booking Your Older Adult Exam & ProctorU 

Instructions on how to book an exam will ONLY be sent once the Exam has been purchased through your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals. Once the exam purchase is finalized and confirmed through The Registry®, you will receive an email from info (at) that will instruct you on how to book your exam sitting through our independent online proctoring company, ProctorU. 

BCRPA has partnered with ProctorU, an independent online proctoring service, to create a new convenient and flexible exam booking and writing system for you to complete your Older Adult Exam. With the system open 24/7, exams can be written at any time of the day or night. 

For more information regarding ProctorU, please visit: 

Technical Requirements for the Older Adult Exam: 

  • Computer (laptop or desktop; mobile devices do not work with the system) 
  • Internet connection 
  • Webcam, microphone, and speakers. 
  • Windows 10 system or higher 

Refunds and Expiration Policy

Once you have purchased the Exam, there is no expiration date to schedule the exam. 

However, a refund can only be granted within 3 months of the purchase date. Exam fees are non-transferrable and cannot be used for another Fitness Student. 

Exam fees are only applicable to the account on which it was purchased. 

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Step 3: Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

Consult your course conductor regarding the completion of the ICE as all ICE packages must be marked by an Older Adult Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL). 

When you have completed and passed your ICE, your Evaluator will inform BCRPA.

Note: ICE package processing may take between 5 to 10 business days.  

Insurance Coverage 

Your BCRPA Fitness Registration provides you with an insurance policy that covers you to work with classmates and members of the public while completing all required practical components, including your ICE evaluation. 

For this insurance to be valid:

  • You must have valid CPR and First Aid certification at all times; and  
  • You must complete and pass a core specialty module before your First-Year Registration expires. 

For more information on your insurance coverage please view the Insurance page. 

Once you have completed the 3 steps listed above, your specialty will be added to your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.


You are now a BCRPA Registered Older Adult Fitness Leader!

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