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BCRPA Fitness Leaders Get BC Moving!

Our Fitness Leaders are a major reason why BC remains the healthiest and most active province in Canada! They are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity for everyone.


BCRPA Fitness Leaders Receive Professional Training and Mentorship

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders are trained by the best Fitness Leaders in the field. A mentorship process and extensive and practical instructor competency evaluations are built right into our registration program. 


BCRPA Advocates for Fitness Professionals Across BC

BCRPA ensures the work of our Fitness Professionals is understood and considered in policy decisions and health initiatives. We effectively advocate to all levels of government and private industry for the benefits of fitness and physical activity.


BCRPA is BC’s Registrar for Fitness Professionals!

BCRPA is the largest provincial body of registered Fitness Leaders in Canada. We are also the most trusted registration body for fitness professionals across BC. Our Registered Fitness Leaders are the most trusted and qualified professionals in the province. As part of Fitness Leadership Canada (formerly NFLA), BCRPA sets the national standard for fitness leadership.