BCRPA, in partnership with Katy Bigsby, founder of REiL Learning, are pleased to offer tailored courses for front-line and supervisory staff who support children with notable challenging behavioral, social and emotional needs.

These sessions are available throughout BC and are delivered in-person or via webinar.

A new and updated version of the series is now available on our BCRPA E-Learning site! Take advantage of this easily accessible training format and gain key skills and knowledge to support children in your programs.

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Looking for a live session with Katy? Please contact Noelle Virtue at 604.629.0965 ext. 228 or email nvirtue@bcrpa.bc.ca


Strategies for Challenging Behaviour Courses

Supporting Kids Who Experience Anxiety 

This virtual training is designed to support staff working with school-aged children who experience anxiety.

In this session we look at:

  • How worry and anxiety are normal
  • How flexibility is key
  • What anxiety loves
  • How your role-modeling can positively impact a child’s well-being
  • What exercises and activities can help manage anxiety


Proactive Strategies 

This virtual training focuses on how we can be pro-active and integrate rapport, guidelines & boundaries, and be flexible in our program design and our interactions.


Integrating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into Practice

This virtual training focuses on the five aspects of Social-Emotional Learning and how they can positively impact practice. We look at how self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making can enrich our lives and those of the youth we support.


The Big 3 

This virtual training looks at how it’s the everyday things in programming that can wear us down. That is, not listening, not participating, and rude or disrespectful behavior. We look at how to strengthen listening and participation, in addition to dealing with rude behavior.


What's up with Bullying? 

This virtual training looks at bullying as a societal issue and a learned skill. We look at how bullying is connected with power and is not the same as conflict. Activities to increase social cohesion are discussed.


For more information, contact:
Noelle Virtue 604.629.0965 ext. 228 or email nvirtue@bcrpa.bc.ca