BCRPA, in partnership with Katy Bigsby, workshop designer and facilitator, are pleased to offer tailored courses for front-line and supervisory staff who support children with challenging behaviours.

These sessions are available throughout BC and are delivered via webinar.

Please note these webinars are now available on the BCRPA eLearning site as well, though not in a live format.

Front-line staff

Strategies for Challenging Behaviours for front-line staff

This is a foundational two-part training for new and existing front-line staff. The first part is a 2-hour webinar focusing on Pro-Active Strategies and ways to minimize challenging behaviour, and The Big 3, what to do when kids are: not listening, not participating, or being rude.

The second part is a one-hour Case Scenarios webinar in which front-line staff will share what’s happening in their program and learn new strategies and solutions to support the kids with challenging behaviours in their current program. We suggest scheduling this second part one to two weeks into the program or summer camp period.

Cost: $850 for foundational 2-hour webinar and case scenarios 1-hour webinar


Additional webinars for consideration:

Anxiety webinar

 In this one-hour interactive webinar you’ll learn:

  • How worry and anxiety are normal
  • How flexibility is key
  • What anxiety loves
  • How your role-modeling can positively impact a child’s well being
  • What exercises and activities can help manage anxiety


Bullying webinar

This webinar is for recreation leaders and coordinators to look at bullying from a systemic level, then to implement pro-active strategies to reduce the incidents of bullying in their programs.

In this one-hour interactive webinar you’ll learn:

  • When aggressive behaviour peaks
  • That bullying is a societal issue
  • Being vulnerable is key
  • The importance of self-reflection
  • How to proactively build social cohesion

 Cost: $350 for the Anxiety or Bullying webinar or $600 for both webinars


Supervisors and Management

Strategies for Challenging Behaviours for supervisory staff

In this 2-hour session, we will cover how to support your staff using elements of Social-Emotional Learning. We will look at how to use reflective questions, modelling, and different tools to build your staff’s capacity to manage children with challenging behaviours.

Costs: $600 per session


For more information, contact:
Noelle Virtue 604.629.0965 ext. 228 or email nvirtue@bcrpa.bc.ca