Current Fitness Leadership Award Recipients

BCRPA's 2018 Fitness Leadership Award recipients were announced at BCFit'18, on Saturday, September 15, 2018 in North Vancouver.

Karen Harmon of North Vancouver

Fitness Leader of the Year 2018

Karen Harmon Web

Karen Harmon is being honoured with this award for her transformative work with marginalized, homeless and hard-to-reach populations as a special needs training assistant in her community of North Vancouver. In addition to teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes, Karen is the creator and instructor of North Vancouver’s Inclusion Works and Active Living programs. Over her 20 year career, her commitment to the health and wellness of vulnerable populations, and her unique ability to teach a wide variety of skills and abilities through support, encouragement and enthusiasm has caused her classes to be in great demand. In 2012, Karen was honoured with the “Healthy Community Hero” award from the City of North Vancouver and the North Shore Keep Well Society. From 2015-2017, Karen travelled annually as a volunteer to Indonesia and Singapore as a guest speaker focused on youth health. Karen has presented at the BCFit 2017 Fitness Conference on the Inclusion Works program and is a published author in FitLifeBC Magazine on the Active Living Program.

Rhonda Jackson of Delta

Program Manager / Director of the Year 2018

Rhonda Jackson Web

Rhonda Jackson is being honoured with this award for her ability to empower others, create innovative programming and promote fitness and health within her community. For over 25 years, Rhonda has been an integral member of the City of Burnaby’s Fitness Specialty Services team. She has brought these skills to two of the busiest facilities in Burnaby: Bonsor Recreation Centre and Edmonds Community Centre, each welcoming over one million visitors per year, many of whom come specifically for services in Rhonda’s operational area. Rhonda is known to be a deeply engaged and respected supervisor, supporting her employees to create new and cutting-edge programs, exciting community events and training opportunities for Fitness Leaders that regularly sell-out. She has developed and taught classes at City Hall in Burnaby, and gives regular talks regarding physical activity to Mom’s and Babies groups and at Sun Run clinics. Rhonda has served on the City of Burnaby’s Health and Wellness Committee, Healthy City Committee, and multiple panels and committees with BCRPA, helping to bring positive change to current programs.



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