Learn more about each of the keynote presenters, and their presentations below.

Monday, April 30 | 9:30 — 10:30 am

♦ OPENING KEYNOTE with Brad Marsden

Fire Across the Land: Strengthening Community Connections

This powerful, experiential keynote, will educate and help delegates understand the collective trauma that has impacted Native people throughout Canada’s history. After acknowledging that a collective trauma exists, participants will better understand how feelings such as fear, shame, learned helplessness, and anger infiltrate First Nations communities and lead to the disempowering behaviors and social conditions that we see today. With this change in perception, delegates will have an accurate understanding of why some Native people see, think, feel and behave the way they do. As a result, service providers will be better prepared to effectively communicate and empower the Native members of their communities.

Keynote Brad Marsden2

Brad Marsden

Brad Marsden is from the Gitsegukla Reserve within the Gitksan Nation in Northern British Columbia. He is a Life Coach, Residential School Counselor and Facilitator. He is also an Inter- generational Survivor of the Residential School, as he was raised by his grandparents who are residential school survivors. Although Brad never attended the school himself, he was raised by the same beliefs, attitudes and behaviors’ that his primary caregivers and community had to experience in the Residential School system. All of his important early childhood development was greatly influenced by his elders’ experience in those schools. It is his goal to help his people move forward in their lives by helping them ,and society become more accurately aware of the history of the Residential School and the effects that it had, and still has on First Nations communities today, and more importantly, on the children.

Tuesday, May 1 | 9 — 10 am

♦ KEYNOTE with Linda Tarrant

It's all About Leadership

This session is for you – the leaders of today and tomorrow. We will identify the key attributes and skills of successful leaders, and how you can continue to develop those areas throughout your career. We’ve learned a lot about the changing face of leadership and what makes people want to follow, and to connect with you and your goals. It’s a very complex world and we need to be able to lead people through this ever-changing landscape. Join us for a fun, fact-filled, and stimulating session.

Linda Tarramt Headshot 2

Linda Tarrant

Linda Tarrant holds advanced degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Education and Counseling. She is an author, change leader, strategist and master facilitator. She holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional, and is the first woman to be inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. But she’s mostly known for her wit, wisdom, practical approach and down-to- earth style. Linda has extensive experience in both the public and private sector, and has worked both in, and for many not-for-profit organizations. Linda was born in Kentucky and has lived and worked across Canada and the US. She is a proud Canadian citizen and lives in beautiful Victoria, BC. She will invite us to think differently, embrace new perspectives and act with courage. And she’s a whole lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 2 | 3:15 — 4:15 pm

♦ KEYNOTE with Mark Tremblay

Parks for Health: Nature and the Outdoors as an Antidote for Modern Living

New and compelling evidence supports the positioning of parks and outdoor recreation as public health resources and interventions to help address physical inactivity, sedentarism, obesity, mental health disorders and other contemporary public health issues. Positioning parks and recreation as important components of a comprehensive wellness strategy holds untapped potential to advance both the recreation and parks, and health sectors. The 2015 “Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play” sets the stage for nature and the outdoors to be better exploited for the health and wellness of Canadian children and youth. The impact of the Position Statement, creation of Outdoor Play Canada and other initiatives building on the parks/outdoors–play–health triad, and new research from the Canadian Health Measures Survey provides compelling, triangulated evidence supporting the notion of “Parks for Health”.

Keynote Mark Tremblay 2 Mark Tremblay

Professor Mark Tremblay has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Sports Administration and a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree from Laurentian University. His graduate training was from the University of Toronto where he obtained his MSc and PhD from the Department of Community Health with a specialty in Exercise Science. Dr. Tremblay is the Director of Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research (HALO) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, and Professor of Pediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Chair of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, Chair of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines Committee, Founder of the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network, and former Dean of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Tremblay has published more than 330 scientific papers and book chapters in the areas of childhood obesity, physical activity measurement, exercise physiology, sedentary physiology and health surveillance. He has delivered over 700 scholarly conference presentations, including more than 140 invited and keynote addresses, in 20 different countries. Dr. Tremblay received an honorary doctorate from Nipissing University, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Lawson Foundation 60th Anniversary Award, and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Honour Award for his leadership contributions to healthy active living in Canada. Dr. Tremblay’s most productive work has resulted from his 28-year marriage to his wife Helen, yielding four wonderful children.