Continuing Education Credits

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders attending Symposium are eligible to receive the following continuing education credits (CECs):

  • Wed, May 1: 5 CECs
  • Thur, May 2: 5.25 CECs
  • Wed, May 2: 3.5 CECs
  • Full Conference: 13.75 CECs

To qualify for Fitness CECs, Fitness Leaders must have signed out at the end of their last day of attendance.

CECs earned will be added directly to Fitness Leader accounts on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.


Planning Institute of BC

PIBC members can earn CPL units for attending the conference.

PIBC information on Symposium CPL units can be found here.

Information on Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) units can be found here.