We welcome you to learn more about the Exhibitors that will join us in-person at the Resource Fair, and how their work can help empower you.

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WorkSafeBC is a provincial agency dedicated to promoting safe and healthy workplaces across B.C. We partner with workers and employers to save lives and prevent work-related injury, disease, and disability. Through the young and new worker team, WorkSafeBC works to provide outreach, create resources, and raise knowledge and awareness to support the health and safety of young and new workers.

Click here for information and resources for young and new workers

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The BC Government provides British Columbians with free information and resources to support informed choices and healthy behaviours with respect to gambling participation through Gambling Support BC. Our prevention and community engagement service providers offer a number of educational, training, and initiative-based services.



Abbotsford Youth Commission  

BC Youth Week is non-profit committee comprised of provincial cities and organizations that coordinate the celebration of youth annually during the first week of May. It is a week of fun filled interaction and a celebration intended to build a strong connection between youth and their communities. This event is intended to highlight the interests, accomplishments, and diversity of youth across the province.

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KidStart is a one-to-one mentoring program for children and youth, in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, who face serious difficulties in their lives. KidStart assigns children and youth with a volunteer mentor, who serves as a consistent role model; someone who plans activities and provides the young person with opportunities to experience success. All volunteers are carefully screened, oriented and supported by our staff.

KidStart began more than 35 years, back when the founders were youth workers them selves. Its practice and philosophies are rooted in evidence and it has proven itself time and again that it works.

Click here to learn more about KidStart.

Inquiry Adventures  

Inquiry Adventures sells hands-on-learning social emotional, facilitation, and team building tools. We also run active social emotional learning professional development workshops. We carry Canada's Largest selection of Thumballs and our famous ULead Cards, as well as many other great resources.

Check out our website inquiryadventures.ca

Langara Recreation Logo  

Our mission is to provide outstanding education to students so that graduates are able to make meaningful contributions to the field of recreation. We provide 2 credentials that students can pursue; the Recreation Leadership Diploma and the Bachelor of Recreation Management Degree.

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McCreary Centre Society is a non-government, not-for-profit committed to improving the health of BC youth through research, evaluation and community-based projects. Our vision is that all youth are supported to be healthy and connected.

Click here to find out more about our youth engagement projects.

Multic Helping House Society  

Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) is a registered non-profit society and charitable organization dedicated to serving the needs of newcomers to Canada. In its 26-year history, MHHS has provided assistance to thousands of new immigrants in addressing their needs from settlement assistance, employment, social services, skills enhancement, respite & housing assistance, legal assistance, and education services.

MHHS is well-known for its ability to provide immediate assistance to individuals in crisis and those who are disadvantaged either due to language, employment or social isolation.

Duly recognized and supported by the three levels of government – Federal, Provincial, and Local – MHHS provides programs for all immigrants regardless of their background. It also runs special programs centered on youth, senior citizens and families.

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Ymca Y Program  

The free 7 week YMCA Y Mind program provides support and understanding for youth who are experiencing symptoms of mild - moderate anxiety, worry or stress. Y Mind is a free, low-barrier, early-intervention, psycho-education and support group. Y Mind Teen is available for youth aged 13 - 18 and Y Mind Youth is available for youth aged 18 - 30. 18 year olds may decide if they feel most comfortable in the Youth or the Teen program.

Participants learn evidence-based coping skills based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness, delivered by two trained mental health professionals. Participants have a chance to connect with peers who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment. Y Mind is a closed group program -the same participants are in the group each week, with approximately 12 participants per group. No diagnosis of anxiety is required. Participants can self-refer and parental consent is not required. Participants do not need to be a YMCA member. All participants receive a free book and workbook. Participants who attend the program delivered by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver also receive a free YMCA membership for up to 14 weeks. Y Mind is available BC wide. In-person and virtual programs are offered.

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