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Keynote Presenter:

Ingrid Knight-Cohee    

Session Presenters:

Session presenters are listed alphabetically by first name.

André Potvin Kate Lee Rhonda Jackson
Brenda Adams Kathleen Middelton Stacey Buss 
Brian Justin Kim Bond Syd Sam
Debbie Jessen Michael Marousek Tim Borys
Derek Linwood Melanie Morrissette Traci Addison
Gaylene Thoeny Mirela Rotaru   
Judy Bjornson Pamela Keefe  

Ingrid Knight Cohee

Ingrid Knight-Cohee | Keynote Presenter

•  8:00 am 9:15 am | Keynote: Reunite to Reignite

Leading with curiosity, integrity and a collaborative spirit, Ingrid is a sought-after fitness industry expert, presenter and consultant. At the helm of Group Fitness at Fitness World Canada, she is instrumental in creating innovative group exercise experiences for over 70,000 members with a team of 140 instructors. Ingrid leverages effective leadership, ingenuity and partnerships to build connected and committed teams.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and a Master’s degree in Exercise & Health Psychology. She is a firm believer in lifelong learning, and also holds Certificates in Health Coaching, Sustainable Business Strategy, and Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace.

Ingrid specializes in inspiring individuals, corporate groups and teams to optimal health and performance through research-based, cutting-edge programming. She currently sits on the BCRPA Fitness Standards Committee and was recently recognized as a finalist for the coveted IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Award in 2021.

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Andrepotvin 1

André Potvin

•  1:45 pn 2:45 pm | Client Drop-out prevention Strategies

•  3:00 pm 4:00 pm | Training the Arthritic Client

André Potvin, MSc, ACE PT, ACE CES, BCRPA-TFL is an internationally accredited author, fitness educator and clinical exercise specialist with 38 years of leadership and clinical experience. President of INFOFIT Educators School for Fitness Professionals, André is frequently invited to lecture at international public and professional conferences.

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Brenda Adams R

Brenda Adams

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | Advancing Despite Adversity - Building Resilience as Fitness Professionals

Brenda Adams is a PhD student at the University of Victoria where the focus of her research is developing an intervention that will help Exercise Professionals build their levels of resiliency so that they are better able to cope with the ever changing demands of this profession. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her career to helping Exercise Professionals thrive in their personal and professional lives. An Exercise Professional herself for more than 25 years, she has worked in almost every facet of this industry and understands the challenges that Exercise Professionals face.

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Brian Justin 

Brian Justin

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Getting the Maximus out of Your Gluteus

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | Baby Got Back!

Brian Justin is currently a full time Kinesiology Faculty Member at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford/Chilliwack, BC where he teaches Exercise Physiology, Exercise Testing and Prescription, Strength and Conditioning, and Post Rehabilitation Techniques. He earned his Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. Brian is an author, Professional Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Intense Marvel Fan, Somatic Movement Coach and continuing education provider for BCRPA, CFES, CSEP, and BCAK. Brian is passionate about spreading the word on the benefits of physical activity and providing strategies to make activity accessible for every "body".

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Debbie Jessen

Debbie Jessen

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Get Down to the Beat: Musicology 101

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | HIIT Your Happy

•  3:00 pm 4:00 pm | Find Your Balance

Debbie Jessen has been a certified group fitness instructor for more than 35 years. She is a BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders in Group Fitness, Osteofit, Older Adult and Weight Room modues. She also has teaching licenses for Zumba®, Zumba® toning, Zumba® step, and Strong by Zumba®. She has been teaching CEC workshops for 15+ years, and has mentored and trained countless instructors.,and teaches 10 to 20 classes per week. A popular presenter, as well as a motivational speaker, she has published articles in Fitness Business Canada magazine and FitLifeBC.

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Derek Linwood Web

Derek Linwood

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Beyond the Workout: How Fitness Leaders Can Impact Community Health and Wellness

Derek Linwood holds a Master’s degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies from the University of Waterloo, as well as an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Recreation & Sport Business. As the Sport Services Coordinator with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, Derek oversees the work of city-wide Recreation Programmers, manages projects pertaining to sport development and infrastructure, and acts as the subject-matter expert for all things “sport”. He has over a decade of experience with program planning and delivery, with a specific passion for inclusive recreation, sport, and fitness programming.

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Gaylene Thoeny

Gaylene Thoeny

•  1:45 pm 2:45 pm | Inclusive Yoga Teaching

Gaylene Thoeny is an experienced and Registered Yoga Teacher in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. She is a BCRPA Registered TFL for Yoga, is a E-RYT 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and is a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, plus more. Her balance of fitness and traditional Yoga training really works to create a unique style. She doesn't own a brick and mortar studio which allows for the flexibility of working out of various locations. She brings thousands of hours of teaching, some very unique trainings and brings all this specialized knowledge into her classes, her yoga teacher training and all continuing education offerings.

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Judy Bjornson

Judy Bjornson

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Find Your Inner Athlete at Any Age - Aquatic Cross Training

Judy Bjornson is a Certified Master Trainer for WaterART Fitness International and instructs various Certification across B.C. She is an Aquatic Rehabilitation specialist and has been working in the water with clients since 2007.  Her knowledge and upbeat personality, keeps her participants smiling and motivated to have a successful class and work at their own personal best.

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Kate Lee Headshot Web

Kate Lee

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Beyond the Workout: How Fitness Leaders Can Impact Community Health and Wellness

Kate Lee has been a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader for 30 plus years. She believes connection and community are the heart of our collective success. Persuasive and encouraging, she uses a multi-disciplinary and open minded approach to overcome challenges and barriers offering leadership, guidance and coaching where needed. As the programmer for the Vancouver Park Board's All Bodies Community fitness and recreation group, she promotes a culture of acceptance and belonging with the understanding that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of an active lifestyle.

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Kathleen Middleton Web

Kathleen Middleton

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | Intro to Trauma-Informed Fitness

Kathleen Middleton is a candy loving, tea drinking, writer, equestrian, and mother. You'll find her most often running on the trails or ticking something off of her adventure bucket list. She is a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer with trauma informed fitness experience and a Girls Gone Strong specialization in women's coaching. She is also a CPCA Registered Professional Counsellor with mindfulness based somatic training and a personal journey of abuse recovery through fitness. Having a foot in both the fitness and the mental health world, gives Kate an opportunity to empower others through the blending of these two powerful healing channels.

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Kim Bond 

Kim Bond

•  1:45 pm 2:45 pm | Shoulder to SHOWlder

Kim Bond  is Trainer of Fitness Leaders with a passion for cooking and creative content. She is an Education Director, presenter, and all around Fitness Professional, and brings a wealth of industry knowledge with over 25 years of experience. Kim prides herself on keeping all her content up to date, with cutting edge information all wrapped into dynamic presentations. She is known for  bringing the energy to the room as an educator, presenter, leader and collaborator. Kim's whole approach to health is embraced throughout BC.

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Michael Marousek Edited 1

Michael Marousek

•  1:45 pm 2:45 pm | Creating a Safe Space for Everyone

Michael Marousek is a recreation professional with 10 years of experience in supervising and managing in the municipal fitness setting. Starting his career as a professional athlete, Michael had a tremendous opportunity to see the world of recreation from almost all possible angles – as a participant, a coach, a volunteer, an instructor, a personal trainer, an administrator, a board member, and most importantly as a person who believes that recreation and all recreation professionals have an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives and a responsibility to exercise this opportunity carefully, thoughtfully, and meaningfully.

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Melanie Morrissette Web

Melanie Morrissette

•  1:45 pm 2:45 pm | Older Adult Training: The Great Method to Make It Fun

Melanie Morrissette is a Personal Trainer, SFL, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Group Fitness, senior specialist, osteofit, get up and go, and aquatic fitness instructor. Mel has been nominated best fitness instructor in 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2015 by Best of Kelowna. She has been on the front cover of the Okanagan Woman Magazine. She also had the opportunity to be one of the actresses on the documentary about the Okanagan, filmed with the popular Canadian actress Karine Vanasse. Her fitness videos are on Shaw TV.

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Mirela Headshot

Mirela Rotaru

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | HIIT Your Happy

Mirela Rotaru is a very happy and enthusiastic Fitness Leader since 2017, sharing her fitness experience with the City of Burnaby. She is a motivated Fitness Leader who designs her classes to help clients at any fitness level to reach the best shape of their lives. She firmly believes that health is a conscious  lifestyle choice needed for longevity and happiness. She teaches a variety of fitness classes, including low-medium-high impact, body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and strength, plyo movements. When she is not teaching she enjoys traveling, reading and spending quality time with family and friends.

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Pamela Keefe Web

Pamela Keefe

•  3:00 pm 4:00 pm | Pilates - Mat to Standing

Pamela Keefe is a seasoned Fitness Professional that has developed skills and gained knowledge in our evolving industry since 1982. Her path began in Ontario and in 1996 moved to BC. Here she worked to become a BCRPA SFL in Group Fitness, Weight Training, Personal Training, and Pilates. Pam is certified in Osteofit, Barre and Cycle. In 2001 Pam trained through the Physical Mind Institute in Mat Pilates followed by Standing Pilates the next year. She is an accredited instructor in Joan Briebart's book Standing Pilates. Pam is an experienced triathlete and has trained many to successfully cross their finish line.

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Rhonda Jackson Web

Rhonda Jackson

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | Get Down to the Beat: Musicology 101

Rhonda Jackson has worked for the City of Burnaby for over 30 years, most of those years working as Program Coordinator in the area of Fitness, Wellness and Weight Room management. She is a BCRPA Registered Supervisor of Fitness Leader in Weight Training, Older Adult Fitness, and Group Fitness. She holds a Certificate of Health and Fitness from Simon Fraser University, and a Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Mangement Certificate from BCIT. Working in Burnaby and living in Delta, she feels quite at home in both communities. In 2018, Rhonda was recipient of BCRPA's Program Director/Manager of the Year Award. She loves working in the fitness industry, and all the wonderful people she gets to meet every day.

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Stacey Web

Stacey Buss

•  3:00 pm 4:00 pm | What is Chair Yoga?

Stacey Buss is a E-RYT 500 as well as a Certified Chair Yoga instructor, Teacher of Fitness Yoga Leaders (TFL), Older Adult Fitness Leader and BoneFit Trained. With a focus on alignment, safety and success, she offers private, and small group sessions. Stacey is also a co-Lead Trainer for the RYS 200hr and 300hr teacher training programs at Grove Yoga School inviting anyone interested in a comprehensive, body positive experience to join.

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Syd Sam 2

Syd Sam

•  9:30 am 10:30 am | All Inclusive Step

Syd Sam is passionate about the marriage of People and Fitness. Having worked and played in the industry for over 30 years Syd has learned that fitness is dynamic and continually evolving. Learning NEW and accepting change is important to further understanding of self and others. Exercise IS medicine to health and wellbeing. Syd is a strong advocate and loves her work with the community and how an hour class with patrons can change their day and lives. Syd has 30 plus years  as a  Group Exercise Instructor for the City of Burnaby. She is a current BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders for Group Fitness, and is BCRPA Registered in Weight Training, Older Adult Fitness, OsteoFit Canada since 1992 and International CanFitPro Personal Trainer since 2000. She is Owner and Operater of CorpFitWellness Inc. which provides Fitness, Health and Wellness programs for Corporations.

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Tim Borys 2

Tim Borys

•  3:00 pm 4:00 pm | ABC's of Functional Fitness

Tim Borys is a former New York Yankees draft pick, and national level performance coach and is an expert at eliciting higher performance from individuals and teams. For over 30 years he has helped people and organizations ignite their potential in work and life. Tim is CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group, founder of www.teachmovement.com, author of "The Fitness Curveball", a 4 volume guidebook to greater performance in life, and "Your Work From Home Productivity Handbook". He holds a BA (Psyc/Kin), is a Medical Exercise Specialist, CHEK HLC, CSCS, and is an international educator.

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Traci Addison R

Traci Addison

•  10:45 am 11:45 am | A Ride with A View

Traci Addison is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to live an active lifestyle. Her passion for fitness was born over 25 years ago when she was participating in a fitness class with her 2 left feet. She has evolved from her 2 left feet to teaching all levels of fitness, coordinating fitness and providing personal training for the City of Burnaby. Her passion for fitness has blended with her passion for cycling. She has taught indoor cycling since 2002. In 2008, Traci qualified for Team Canada for her age group for the 2008 Vancouver BG Triathlon World Championships: AG Sprint.

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