Introducing the Presenters

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Brenda Robinson

Brenda Robinson


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Brenda is a speaker, trainer, writer and consultant. She is the founder and president of The Robcan Group. Her Bachelor of Arts was earned at Brandon University and her Masters of Education at Simon Fraser University. She has been addressing groups for over thirty years about communications, humour, laughter, positive working skills and wellness in general. Her workshops and presentations are in high demand. She has authored four books and created an Audio CD set to help people to develop these skills. Brenda believes that we are on a life-long learning journey. It should be enriching, exciting, interesting and above all, it should be fun!


Andrepotvin 1

André Potvin

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André is an internationally accredited author, fitness educator and clinical exercise specialist with 36 years of leadership and clinical experience. President of INFOFIT Educators School for Fitness Professionals, André is frequently invited to lecture at international public and professional conferences.

Brian Justin

Brian Justin

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Brian is a full-time tenured Kinesiology Instructor at the University of Fraser Valley, BC. He earned his Masters and Bachelor degrees from University of British Columbia. Brian’s concentrations are exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, injury management, and exercise testing and prescription. Brian is passionate about the benefits of physical activity for health, performance, and injury prevention.

Christina Truscott

Christina Truscott

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Christina has been involved in the fitness industry for close to 40 years. She has work as a fitness leader, Recreation Program Director and Trainer of Fitness Leaders and is now the owner of Body Blueprint Fitness Education. She has taught thousands of students across five continents, and trained fitness professionals to become Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Older Adults Instructor, Aqua Fitness Instructors and weight room attendants. She is the author of over 60 workshops and 5 course manuals used for continuing education, certification and to teach fitness courses. Christina was awarded the Woman of Distinction for Health and Fitness and received a Health and Fitness Award. 

Darrin Jones 2019

 Darrin Jones

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Darrin has worked in fitness for the last 13 years, working with a wide variety of clients. Darrin holds a Bachelor of Human kinetics from UBC, is a certified Personal trainer, sport conditioning specialist, and group fitness instructor with experience from post-rehab clients to athletes and in between. He enjoys working with diverse groups from teens to older adults and favors functional lifestyle exercise trying to put fun into exercise. You might find him in the weight room or playing outside.

Dorothea Arnett

Dorothea Arnett

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Dorothea is a BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders (SFL) and has been a certified fitness instructor since 1995. As a veteran in this fascinating industry, her passion includes working with 55+, Forever Fit (SN 60+), Yoga, adaptive skills and techniques, as well as ‘quality vs quantity’. Her workshops for fitness professionals are focused on adaptation techniques for teaching older adults. Her hobbies include hosting yoga retreats and enrichment weekends for both BCRPA instructors and like-minded yogis.

Irina Almasan

Irina Almasan

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Irina is a personal trainer and marketer with a goal to help fitness leaders understand marketing. She owns Simplifit Marketing, an agency for gyms, studios and trainers, and continues to see clients as a personal trainer. Irina believes that building a personal connection is the best way to attract, convert, and keep clients.

Janelle Eisler Carr 2020

 Janelle Eisler Carr

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Janelle has enjoyed providing evidence-based health and wellness information to a variety of people for 15 years. She holds a MSc of Physiotherapy (Pre-Reg) from Queen Margaret University, Scotland and a Bachelors in Human Kinetics from UBC. She is an avid patron of dance and fitness classes as well as the Fitness Centre to ensure that she, herself, enjoys the benefits of physical activity.

Julia Clissold

 Julia Clissold

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Julia is a BCRPA Registered Group Fitness instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, and past studio owner. Transitioning from a group fit fanatic to a group fitness leader has aided her in understanding the participant’s mindset, and how to connect with even the most reserved individuals. Her mission is to make fitness fun and accessible to all and believes that everyone should feel appropriately challenged by their class. No matter the age, stage, or ability of the participant, they deserve to leave class feeling accomplished and like a total rock star – Julia has figured out the secret sauce to achieve just that.

Kristy Kreus

 Kristy Keus

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Kristy is a fitness professional and co-founder of My Fit Life Now. She has a huge heart and passion for helping everyone around her. People are inspired by and drawn to her authenticity and zest for life. Teaching classes and training clients for the past 13 years, during which owning an indoor cycling studio, was a highlight in her career. She is always learning to live her best life, and is always growing with knowledge to share with others she meets along the way.

Tim Borys 2

 Tim Borys

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Tim is a former New York Yankees draft pick, and national level performance coach. He is an expert at eliciting higher performance from individuals and teams. For over 30 years he has helped people and organizations ignite their work and life. Tim is CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group and founder of He holds a BA (Psyc/Kin), is a Medical Exercise Specialist, CHEK HLC, CSCS, and is an international educator.

Traci Addison

Traci Addison

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Traci is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to live an Active Life. Her passion for fitness was born over 25 years ago when she had the opportunity to participate in classes with an amazingly motivating instructor. She has taught all levels, ages and styles of fitness. She is BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders (SFL) for Group Fitness; certified in TRX, Rip Trainer, BARRE, and Indoor Cycling. Traci’s indoor cycling passion has served well as she qualified for Team Canada’s 2008 Age Group World Championship Team.