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A variety of extra workshops are happening Friday, September 14, and Sunday, September 16, at different locations across the Lower Mainland. Add to your BCFit®'18 experience or select a few as stand-alone workshops.

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Pre-Conference Workshops  |  Friday, September 14

PC1 — Emergency First Aid and CPR Re-Certification | 5:30 — 10:00pm

Presented by First Aid Sponsor  — TraumaTech  CECs: None  | Delbrook Community Recreation Centre, 851 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4E3  |  $60

Is it time for you to recertify in First Aid and CPR? Here's your chance to do so. This condensed workshop is only available for those recertifying.

  • A current First Aid and CPR certificate is a requirement for BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders.
  • An expired First Aid and/or CPR certificate means you are not covered under the Insurance Policy provided through the BCRPA Fitness Registry program.

PC2: The Aging Athlete: Joint Preservation Strategies | 7 — 9 pm

Presented by Wendy Epp 2 CECs  |  Delbrook Community Recreation Centre851 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4E3  |  $60

This lecture, suitable for all streams, covers the most significant movement patterns to watch for in maintaining pelvis/hip and knee safety as well as corrections to help decrease joint breakdown. Wendy will discuss the exercise continuum and what comorbidities can have impact on success. This session will explore training volume and exercise choices shown to help reduce joint impact. There will also be room to discuss the pathomechanics of joint breakdown. This lecture will include a summary of joint anatomy, as it relates to joint health and exercise prescription.

Post-Conference Workshops  |  Sunday, September 16

CANCELLED: PC3: 21-Point Safety Inspection for Fitness Professionals

Please note: This session has been cancelled.

Presented by Brian Justin 

How much do you know about your client when they join your facility or sign up for personal training? This interactive lecture will go through 21 things you can do quickly to help ensure the safety of your client and effective implementation of their program. Cars are given a 21-point inspection before road trips, so why not provide a 21-point inspection to ensure a safe physical activity journey for the Human Machine? Join Brian in this informative and interactive learning experience.

PC4: Body Positive Fitness — A Coaching Model for Lasting Change | 10 am — 12 pm

Presented by Gillian Goerzen  |  2 CECs  |  Delbrook Community Recreation Centre, 851 W Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC  |  $55

If you google “healthy woman” the images that appear are mostly 20-30 year old Caucasian women who are chiseled, lean and wearing bra tops and booty shorts.  We know that healthy doesn’t have a look - but convincing our clients of this is a whole other story. In this two-hour workshop we will explore how, as fitness professionals, we can lead the change to move our industry from a focus on the aesthetics to a focus on health and performance, by utilizing a Body Positive approach. We will explore some of the leading research in this area and take a deep dive into the practical aspects. We will explore how this impacts the fitness business. As an industry we have an opportunity to help people in a truly authentic and effective way through a body positive approach.

PC5: TRX RIP Trainer Workshop | 12 — 4 pm

Presented by Tag Dundas  |  4 CECs  |  Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club,   |  $140

The TRX Rip Trainer™ is an innovative piece of equipment, creating core strength with a focus on rotation to build a strong foundation. Join Tag and learn equipment usage and cueing, discover how to integrate this tool into your practice, develop an understanding of the importance of rotation training and explore the advantages of asymmetrical training. Your clients - and their cores - will thank you!

PC6: F.I.T. (Fully In Tune) Mindset — Breaking the Shame Cycle to Create Lasting Transformation | 1 — 5 pm

Presented by Andrea Ferguson  | 4 CECs  |  Steve Nash Fitness World – Richmond Oval, #305-7468 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 0A3  |  $140

Lasting transformation happens from the inside out. It all starts with breaking the shame cycle that is fueled by fear of not being good enough and disconnection from self. As a leader, coach and teacher you have the power to feed and perpetuate the shame cycle that your clients are stuck in or you can help them break free for good! Learn the specific mindset framework to empower yourself and your clients so they can overcome their greatest fear and re-connect to themselves and experience the lasting transformation that they seek.

PC7: Meet The Bell | 2:30 — 5:30 pm

Presented by Jodi Boates  3 CECs  |  Delbrook Community Recreation Centre851 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4E3  |  $125

Kettlebells are gaining popularity in the fitness industry, so why not see what they are about! Learn what Kettlebells will do for overall health and performance. Gain the many great benefits from kettlebell training. Don’t be fooled though: you need to learn to how to use them properly to ensure you don’t get injured. This workshop will give you the knowledge to safely teach and use Kettlebells for both fitness and sport applications. There is a place for Kettlebells in any fitness or athletic program.