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The online version of the BCRPA Recreation and Parks BC magazine enables you to flip through and read the magazine just like you do in ‘real life’. You can adjust the size of text (no need for reading glasses), search for articles, and even click through the links to access emails and the urls to reference material and advertiser’s home pages. 

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Current Issue:

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Spring/Summer 2018: 60 Years

In this 60th anniversary edition of Recreation and Parks, you'll learn more about Recreation's and BCRPA's evolution in the past 60 years.

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Past Issues:


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Winter 2018: Fire, Flood, Cold

In this issue we look at the role the recreation sector plays in community resiliency as places of safe havens.

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Fall 2017: Youth

This issue of Recreation & Parks BC shines a light on the work and impact of our community recreation sector on youth. This back to school edition of our magazine offers a great chance to learn about some projects and programs happening across Canada, provincially, and at the municipal level.

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2017 Recparksbc Springsummer Cover


Spring/Summer 2017: Parks

This issue of Recreation & Parks BC explores our regional parks system highlighting three gold star examples from Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Two other articles delve into the history of the system, and the partnerships that are necessary to protect, manage and expand our parks in the future.

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 Bcrpamagazine Winter2017Bcrpamagazine Winter2017



Winter 2017: Canada 150

To those connected to the field of parks, recreation and cuture in British Columbia, Canada 150 has provided a stimulus for hundreds of local BC initiatives, many of which have secured federal funding as an assist. This issue of Recreation & Parks BC profiles a number of local initiatives tied to Canada 150 and the national celebration.

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Fall 2016: Active for Life

If exercise is so beneficial, why doesn't everybody do it? According to research, only 15% of Canadian adults meet national physical activity recommendations, and participation in sport among older Canadian adults is on a steady decline. This Fall issue of Recreation & Parks BC delivers four articles which bring you ideas, solutions and best practices to get the adults in your community back on track.

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Bcrpa Recparks 2016 Springsummer Cover


Spring/Summer 2016: Fostering Wellbeing - The National Framework for Recreation

The articles in this edition illustrate how various communities in this province are supporting the vision for recreation in Canada by fostering individual wellbeing, community wellbeing, and the wellbeing of built and natural environments. They are great examples of actions that support the goals and the priorities identified in the National Framework for Recreation.

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Bcrpamagazine Winter2016


Winter 2016: Ripple Effects - lessons from aquatics

This issue focuses upon the lessons learned from the 2015 Ripple Effects workshop that can be extrapolated to recreation services in general. It is timely, in the context of the new National Framework for Recreation, to consider how aquatics may be affected by future changes.

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