Board Nominations

Nominations are open for Board Directors

Nominations are open until Wednesday, February 17, 4:30 pm.

Four (4) Director vacancies are open for the 2021-2023 leadership term. We encourage all members to consider nomination to the Board.

At this time, the Board is seeking four candidates for May 6, 2021-2023 Board positions, each for a two-year term. Positions open for nominations are: President Elect, and three (3) Directors at large.

Completing their terms: Trisha Davison, Steve Kellock, Dan Ovington, and Jordan Petrovics.

Standing for re-election: Steve Kellock (for President Elect), Dan Ovington, and Jordan Petrovics.



  • Nominees must be current BCRPA members.
  • Nominations must be supported by two (2) BCRPA members in good standing.

All nominations meeting the criteria will be put to the Nomination Committee for review, and to the membership for election should there be more than four members seeking nomination.

Learn more about the Board Competencies we are seeking for 2021-2023 leadership below.


To submit a nomination:

Interested and eligible candidates are required to submit the following two documents:

  1. Board Director Nomination Form
  2. A digital headshot photo

All documents must sent by email to Rebecca Tunnacliffe, CEO, and received no later than 4:30 pm, February 17, 2021.

The announcement of 2021 Board Directors will take place on May 6, 2021 at BCRPA’s Annual General Meeting.

Board Competencies

We are seeking the following specific skills, knowledge and experience for 2021-2023:

  • Reflects the diverse population our sector serves i.e. geographic location (north, east), gender, ethnicity, and culture
  • Works within the parks and environment sector
  • Understand links with the provincial health, culture, tourism, children’s education and other sectors related to the work of BCRPA

The Board, as a whole, must also posess the following competencies:

Sector Related:

  • Have experience working in the sector, and a commitment to the importance of recreation, parks, sport, fitness, health and wellness for individuals, families, organizations and the community’s quality of life.  
  • Understanding of the history and development of the recreation and park field
  • Ethical principles and professionalism
  • Awareness of current issues and trends in parks and recreation
  • Knowledge of inclusion practices in parks and recreation
  • Is grounded in service excellence and customer experience
  • Complementing the diverse dimensions of parks and recreation services and spaces including geography (e.g., small town) and service delivery models (e.g., regional district, private sector and not-for-profit)
  • Understanding of the allied sector BCRPA works or could work closely with

Leadership Related:

  • Committed to support the mandate and enhancement of BCRPA
  • Experience working on and with governance boards
  • Creative, visionary, and strategic thinker
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Understanding of municipal and provincial government roles
  • Thrives in optimizing group dynamics and processes
  • Team player
  • Experienced in change management
  • Financial literacy

View the Board Nomination Process, and Board Roles and Responsibilities here.