Celebrating 60 years

Celebrating 60 Years Standalone

2018 marks BCRPA’s 60th year championing the power of recreation and parks in BC.

Anniversaries tend to create a sense of nostalgia, inviting us to take a look back to where things began, and think of the progress we’ve made to date.

In line with this is the release of the Recreation Foundation of BC’s Oral History Project of the Parks, Culture and Recreation in BC. The project provides a historical perspective of the foundation of our sector as told by those individuals who were instrumental in its establishment.

We’ll be recognizing and celebrating our 60th milestone throughout the year at our various conferences and events, and reflecting it in our branding for the year. 

For an historical perspective of the past six decades within the sector, and the BCRPA, check out the features below. We truly have come a long way.

50th anniversary videos – historical overview of BCRPA: Part 1 and Part 2

The history of the parks and recreation sector – and the purpose and context of BCRPA’s creation and evolution