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Presentations and handouts will be posted as they are received.

This page was last updated March 20, 2017.


Maintenance Day - February 28, 2017

Opening Keynote  - Use of organic matter around the world  |  Mario Lanthier  (Updated Mar 20)

A1 - Bioengineering is healing the Earth, nature's way  |  David Polster

A3 - Okanagan Rail Trail  |  Andrew Gibbs

B1 - Soil management to conserve water  |  Mario Lanthier  (Updated Mar 20)

B3 - Building mountain bike partnerships and strategies to manage and maintain mountain bike trails  |  Susan Rogers and Vince Beasse

C1 - Gräv i Gävle (Digging in Gävle)  |  Ricky Morelli

C2 - A fresh look at Communities in Bloom  |  Kathleen Reinheimer and Wendy Wiederick

C3 - Insights from 25 years of managing the Galloping Goose Regional Trail  |  Carolyn Stewart and Todd Shannon


Horticulture Day - March 01, 2017

Opening Keynote - Changing perspectives — It's all in your head!  |  Linda Tarrant

D1 - It's all about leadership!  |  Linda Tarrant

D3 - Drought tolerant planting  |  Gwen Steele

E1 - Leadership in an increasingly complex world  |  Guy Nasmyth

E2 - North of 60: Planning and Management Practices  |  Ricky Morelli

E3 - Rocks don't absorb water...and other lessons from the rain garden  |  Deborah Jones

F1 - Consultants are from Mars, Operations are from Venus  |  Blair Arbuthnot and Matthew Harbut

F2 - Urban forestry in Ireland — meeting challenges through systemic change and collaboration  |  Aidan ffrench

F3 - Current technology for irrigation water savings  |  Terry Ormrod

Closing Keynote - "Adopting a Root" — Indigenous peoples and plant distribution in British Columbia  |  Nancy Turner



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