Because every child in BC deserves a HIGH FIVE®!

The standard in BC for those who manage and/or lead sport and recreation programs for children aged 6-12 years. Consisting of training, resources and tools, the HIGH FIVE® system is based on years of research and consultation with experts, and is the only quality assurance system in North American designed to specifically support the safety, well-being and healthy development of children in sport and recreation settings.
The HIGH FIVE® mission is to ensure that recreation and sport practitioners develop a high level of knowledge and expertise in child development and provide them with the tools for enhancing and maintaining a high level of program.

Supporter of the HIGH FIVE® program

What is HIGH FIVE®?

Watch the interview of HIGH FIVE® National Director, LJ Bartle, with Scott Russell, host of CBC's Road to the Olympics and learn about how HIGH FIVE® makes a difference. Watch on Youtube.

To learn more about HIGH FIVE®, click on the Resources tab above.

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Why choose HIGH FIVE®? 


Fee for HIGH FIVE Training Packages and Shipping


These are the rates for the training packages charged by BCPRA to the host organization. The host is responsible for setting their own registration fees for courses as they also need to recover costs for the facilitator, venue and shipping of materials.


Training Package Fees
PHCD-Registered Org (RO) Fee
QUEST 2- Non-RO Fee
Becoming a HIGH FIVE® TRAINER-Non-RO Fee
All Registered Organizations save $10 on all training packages! 

Learn about the benefits and how to apply to become a Registered Organization.



All prices below reflect a single course shipment of maximum 25 training packages. For any order with extra training packages, additional costs will occur.

Region Rate Charged
Lower Mainland - GVRD $25
Lower Mainland - Fraser Valley / Squamish / Whistler $40
Vancouver Island $40
Okanagan $50
Kootenays $55
Cariboo $55
North Coast / Nechako $60
Peace River / Liard $60

Course Options

Front-line leaders
7.5 hours
7.5 hours
Directors & Managers
<2.0 hours


4.5 hours


Sport Outline

Individuals with extensive experience with training, children’s programming and/or recreation and sport.
3.0 days
Session 100
Session 430 - Becoming a HIGH FIVE® Sport Trainer
Individuals with extensive experience with training & children’s programming in sport.
4 hours
Session 100, 200, 300 & 400
Email for details


Please see the Schedule tab at the top of the page for current courses being offered.


The HIGH FIVE® Approaches

There isn’t one way to join HIGH FIVE®. It’s important to participate in HIGH FIVE® in a way that suits the needs of your organization. We have broken down the system into three different components. 

Listed below you will find three different approaches to HIGH FIVE®, with a brief description of the approach and a link to more information tailored specifically to recreation organizations, sport organizations, academic institutions and individuals. Browse through the LEARN, JOIN, and TEACH approaches to see which approach is right for you.


Attend and Host Workshops

In its most simple application, sport and recreation organizations, academic institutions and individuals can use HIGH FIVE® to access information, use research-based materials and attend training workshops in an effort to gain and build personal expertise and increase the quality of their programs.

If your organization is looking to begin instilling quality assurance measures pertaining to healthy child development within your organization, hosting and attending any or all of the HIGH FIVE® workshops is a great place to start. Please click on the link below for more information about the HIGH FIVE® training workshops and how your organization can get involved.

Becoming a Registered Organization

Organizations wishing to take their commitment one level further beyond simply using the HIGH FIVE® training and resources should consider becoming a HIGH FIVE® Registered Organization. Registering entitles you to discounted costs, access to the HIGH FIVE® database, which includes tracking features, use of the HIGH FIVE logo, a certificate for display in your facility and consultation and support from HIGH FIVE® BC

Working towards Accreditation

Once you are a Registered Organization, you have the option of furthering your commitment to healthy child development and quality assurance measures by working towards Accreditation!

HIGH FIVE® Accreditation establishes the benchmark for excellence in children’s recreation and sport programming. It distinguishes those organizations that have reached the highest recognized levels of quality and safety. Please follow the link below for more information about Registration and Accreditation.

Becoming a HIGH FIVE Trainer

Another option for those looking to get more involved in HIGH FIVE® is to become a HIGH FIVE® Trainer. Becoming a Trainer not only adds to your own skillset but also enables you to teach the HIGH FIVE® workshops to your own or other organizations in BC. Having a HIGH FIVE® Trainer within an organization can cut down workshop costs and make scheduling more convenient. Individuals who become Trainers can also earn an income by facilitating and delivering workshops. Please click on the link below to learn more about Becoming a Trainer.

For more information please contact:

Professional Development and Initiatives Coordinator
Phone: 604-629-0965 ext. 229
Email: education(at)bcrpa.bc.ca


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Visit www.highfive.org for additional resources.



On Feb 4, 2016, LJ Bartle, HIGH FIVE® National Director, was interviewed by Scott Russell, host of CBC's Road to the Olympic Games, about the relevance of HIGH FIVE® and why it matters. Watch it on YouTube.

At the 20th Anniversary Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Forum (Mar 24-27, 2015), the following video premiered to tell the exciting story of how the Calgary Police Service are using the HIGH FIVE® Principles to set kids in their community up for success! Watch it on Youtube.



Additionally, here are four supplemental brochures available for download:

Gender Equity in Sport and Recreation

Anti-Discrimination in Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation in Aboriginal Communities

Sport and Recreation with Children Who Have Disabilities



A report on the achievements and impact of HIGH FIVE® is available for your use:

This report captures the achievements of HIGH FIVE® as it has grown to be a nationally recognized standard, being delivered in both official languages across Canada. It also outlines current trends that are having an impact on the health of our children and how HIGH FIVE® is responding. You'll see how HIGH FIVE® makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children each year.


For more information please contact:

Professional Development and Initiatives Coordinator
Phone: 604-629-0965 ext. 229
Email: education(at)bcrpa.bc.ca


To register, contact the host directly through the number or website listed in the Registration Contact column.

Registration Contact
Open to Public
May 25, 2017
9 am - 3 pm
City of Surrey
Fraser Heights Recreation Centre
10588-160th Street
Surrey, BC  V4N 0A1
This course is not open to the public. No.

May 28, 2017


Vancouver  School Board

7646 Prince Albert St.

Vancouver, BC

Registration Fee: $70.00

To register call, Maggie Li 604-726-6852 or email mli@vsb.bc.ca


June 3, 2017


Township of Langley

7888 200 St. Langley, BC

Registration Fee: $75.00

To register, call 604-455-8821 or email seby(at)tol.ca


June 3, 2017
9 am - 4:30 pm
Delta Continuing Education
Delta Continuing Education
4750 - 57th Street
Delta, BC  V4K 3C9
Cost: $60.00 
To register, please call (604) 940-5550 or register online at http://onlineca.active

June 3, 2017

8:30 - 4:30pm

District of Sparwood

367 Pine Ave Box 669

Registration Fee: $90.00

To register, contact Sheri Taylor at staylor@sparwood.ca or call 250-425-0552


June 9, 2017


City of Surrey

Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex

Not open to the public


June 10, 2017
9 am - 5 pm
City of Burnaby
South Central Youth Centre
6749 Nelson Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V3N 1B1
Registration fee: $65.00

To register, call any Burnaby Recreation Centre and provide them with the 6 digit barcode.  (438534). For more information email  andrea.anthony@burnaby.ca



June 11, 2017

Recreation Excellence

1-9145 Corbould St.

To register, contact Rosemary Kelly 604-824-0231 Ext. 313 rkelly@recreationexcellence.com


June 10, 2017

City of Surrey

Fraser Heights Recreation Centre

Closed for internal training


June 17, 2017

Sunshine Coast Regional District

13639 Sunshine Coast Highway

Madeia Park, BC

 To register, contact Deb Cole at deb.cole@scrd.ca 



June 19, 2017

Vancouver Botanical Gardens

5121 Oak St



Closed for Internal Training



June 21, 2017

North Vancouver Recreation Commission

 931 Lytton Street

Ron Andrews Community Recreation Centre

931 Lytton Street

North Vancouver, BC  V7H 2M5

 To register contact Michelle Jones at 604-983-6509 or email jonesm (at) nvrc.ca


June 24, 2017
9 - 4:30pm
Richmond Oval
6111 River Rd
Richmond, BC
Registration Fee: $60
October 20, 2017
9 am - 5 pm
City of Burnaby
South Central Youth Centre
6749 Nelson Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V3N 1B1
Registration fee: $65.00
To register, call any Burnaby Recreation Centre and provide them with the 6 digist barcod (438535) or email andrea.anthony@burnaby.ca.




200 Using the HIGH FIVE® Quality Experience Scanning Tools (QUEST 2)

(last updated March 20, 2017)
Registration Contact
Open to Public

400 – Becoming a HIGH FIVE® Trainer

Last updated March 20, 2017.

Registration Contact
Open to Public

430 – HIGH FIVE® Sport

(last updated May 2nd, 2017)

Registration Contact
Open to Public