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Everybody gets to play Initiative wins the 2008 World Leisure Innovation Prize. Announced on July 1, 2008 CPRA is one of three winners invited to to receive its Award at the 2008 World Leisure Congress, October 6-10th in Quebec City.

" The World Leisure International Innovation Prize seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented creative solutions that foster local, national, or international leisure opportunities for the benefit and development of individuals and communities. The major component that sets the World Leisure International Innovation Prize apart from the myriad of similar awards given is that this Prize focuses on the social, cultural and economic aspects of leisure as an aspect of the lived experience for individuals in a community and for visitors to the community. This Prize represents the use of leisure as a creative solution to enhancing collectively the social, cultural, environmental, and economic quality of life in an area."

- taken from the CPRA website (www.cpra.ca)



The BCRPA is excited to be part of the CPRA initiative Everybody gets to play. This program is focused on ensuring that economically disadvantaged children and families have access to quality leisure experiences. Because everybody needs to play, but not everybody has the chance.

Recreation is essential for building strong bodies, healthy minds, self esteem, social skills, and community values. It can improve family interactions, and academic performance and reduce depression, stress, loneliness, and self-destructive and anti-social behaviour. But many kids in low-income families do not have the chance to participate. They may not:

  • be able to afford user fees or equipment
  • have safe places to play in their neighbourhoods,
  • be able to travel to and from facilities,
  • feel welcome because they do not conform to social norms, or
  • be aware of existing programs.

There are many barriers that stand between kids in low-income families and recreation opportunities. 


The Everybody gets to play™ initiative is designed to help recreation practitioners and volunteers mobilize the resources already available in thier community. This initiative provides:

  • Research and facts about poverty in Canada, the health and social consequences of poverty, and how recreation can improve the lives of kids, families and communities,
  • Tools to help you build partnerships in your community and plan effective action,
  • Workshops that can help you build skills, raise awareness and mobilize your community, and
  • Success stories about programs that have already made a difference.

These workshops are complimentary to the Everybody gets to play™ Tool Kit and essential for understanding the community mobilization steps for making your recreation programs more accessible to children and families of low-income.


Workshop Details

  • Workshop Outline
  • The workshop is 7 hours
  • Groups of 10-25 are recommended
  • Participants will receive an Everybody gets to play™ Tool Kit
  • Paricipants will receive a certificate of completion

Everyone wants to help

Recreation practitioners understand the value and benefits of participating in physical activity, organized sports, and arts and cultural events. Departments, however, are faced with limited funding which may oblige them to charge user fees and limit their ability to offer subsidized programming. Attempts to help children participate can even create more barriers - low income families may feel uncomfortable proving they can't pay user fees in order to qualify for subsidies. Improving access to recreation for low-income families and their children take community-wide cooperation.


For more information please contact:

BCRPA Parks and Recreation Coordinator
Phone: ( 604) 629-0965 ext. 229
Email: parksandrec@bcrpa.bc.ca


Everybody Gets to Play™ Community Mobilization Tool Kit

This tool kit provided recreation practitioners and volunteers with easy-to-use resources to mobilize a community to make a real difference. The tool kit provides everything you need to:

  • Understand the effects of poverty on families and children in your community
  • Build the case for making recreation accessible to low-income families and their children
  • Find, enlist and work with partners in your community
    • Build the case for accessible recreation
    • Create community awareness
    • Evaluate your programs and services
    • Establish realistic goals
    • Develop joint strategies to improve success
    • Establish pilot projects to test your strategies
    • Create sustainable programs with measurable results

Purchase Community Mobilization Tool Kit

Everybody Gets to Play™ BC Supplement

Additional BC specific facts and best practices. Download here.

Everybody Gets to Play™ FAQ

Download a copy of the frequently asked questions.

Website Links

Everybody Gets to Play National Website


For more information please contact:

BCRPA Parks and Recreation Coordinator
Phone: ( 604) 629-0965 ext. 229

Email: parksandrec@bcrpa.bc.ca 

Training Schedule

Community hosts wanted for Everybody Gets to Play™
Interested in becoming a community host for an Everybody gets to play workshop? Communities that host workshops in 2009 are eligible to receive free training thanks to BCRPA’s Everybody Active Initiative.

How to Set Up an Everybody Gets to Play™ Workshop

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For more information please contact:

BCRPA Parks and Recreation Coordinator
Phone: ( 604) 629-0965 ext. 229
Email: parksandrec@bcrpa.bc.ca