Aquatics Network

The BCRPA is soliciting your help in gathering sample documents to be posted on the BCRPA website.  Examples of files may include: sample timesheets, orientation manuals, special event descriptions, public session activities, job descriptions, staff daily log books, policy statements, etc.

Sample Documents:

  1. Games
  2. Aquatic Orientation and Appraisal
  3. Communication and Customer Service
  4. Lifeguarding
  5. Policy Statements
  6. Swim Instruction
  7. Useful Forms


Ice Breakers (743K pdf)
On The Spot Activities (935K pdf)
Public Swim Game Ideas (82K pdf)
Aquatic Orientation and Appraisal
Aquatic Centre Duties (48K pdf)
FRS Radio Orientation Checklist (55K pdf)
Interview Score Sheet (22K pdf)
Performance Management Review Form (110K pdf)
Principles For Staffing Pool (71K pdf)
Two Stars and A Wish Appraisal Form (66K pdf)
Communication and Customer Service

Dealing With Difficult Customers (108K pdf)
Operators Log (92K pdf)
Water Test Sheet (68K pdf)
Policy Statements

Aquatic Certification Reminder Memo (79K pdf)
Aquatic Staff Uniform Policy (73K pdf)
Aquatics Rules (72K pdf)
Behavioral Incident Guidelines (107K pdf)
Blood Born Risks (113K pdf)
Camera Cell Phone Warning (52K pdf)
Camera Phones Policy (115K pdf)
Cell Phone Use Memo (26K pdf)
Swim Instruction

Lesson Expectations (69K pdf)
Useful Forms

Accident Incident Report Powel River (59K pdf)
Employee Timesheet (38K pdf)

Refusal of Treatment
Time Off Request Form (60K pdf)

To submit a document please contact:

Professional Development and Initiatives Coordinator
Phone: 604-629-0965 ext. 229
Email: parksandrec (at)