Recreation and Health: A BCRPA and PHABC Collaborative Workshop

Sharing and transferring knowledge, expertise and experience through collaboration, networking and learning

Strengthening Recreation and Health Collaboration in BC

Recreation and Health: a BCRPA and PHABC Collaborative Workshop provided an unprecedented opportunity for interactive conversation between recreation professionals and the public health sector.
In July 2013, the BCRPA and the PHABC (Public Health Association of BC) came together to produce a bold new two-day workshop.
The workshop supported recent findings, discovered through work being done on shaping the national recreation agenda, that suggested the recreation sector could expand its impact and reach if the physical, mental and social health benefits of recreation were better articulated and understood and if health and recreation work together more effectively.

Through case studies, snapshots of best practices and focused dialogue, participants explored:

  • performance measures illustrating evidence of the health benefits of recreation
  • the contributions recreation can make to achieving health outcomes
  • recreation’s role as a delivery system for approaches to healthy living and chronic disease prevention
  • best practices in collaboration between recreation services and public health and other health services
  • effective community-based solutions for improving health
  • new and emerging issues such as arts and health, nature and health and the mental and social benefits of recreation 

The workshop was available in over eight locations around BC and featured interactive video-conferencing technology, plenary sessions, small group discussions and deep exploration of case studies and snapshots.

Strengthening the Recreation and Health Collaboration in BC presented practical examples of case studies such as this three-part documentary detailing how some men in northern BC are taking care of their health. Where are the Men? first aired on CKPG Television on Father's Day, 2013.



The workshop featured five case studies from different regions of BC and six rapid-fire 'snapshots' of promising practices in recreation and health collaboration.   

Additional information can be viewed at the PHABC website.