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Use these resources to enhance your local Move for Health Day (MFHD) events. These resources include promotional tools, ideas to jumpstart your events, and communications advice to help you spread the word about your event. These are all available to you, free of charge. 

Posters & Promotional Tools

To request a PDF copy of the posters below, please send an email to, indicating the names and sizes of the posters you would like to receive. The posters are PDF forms with fillable fields to allow for customization.


MFHD Poster
Available in 8.5x11 or 11x17
(fillable pdf)

Active Is (BLANK) MFHD poster 8.5x11
(fillable pdf)
Active Is (BLANK) MFHD Event Ad 8.5x11
(fillable pdf)
Active Is Move For Health Day Poster 8.5x11
(fillable pdf)

Active Is Move For Health Day Event Ad 8.5x11
(fillable pdf)
Active Is Move for Health Day Event Ad 11x17 (fillable PDF)
Active Is BLANK Event Ad 11x17 (fillable PDF)


  • Radio PSA's  Audio files are also available for use.


Planning Your Challenge


Media Tools




For more information about Move for Health Day, contact: