Each Fitness Leader (Fitness Theory, Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness, Yoga Fitness, Pilates Fitness and Weight Training) that obtains BCRPA Registration automatically receives $2 million in Commercial General Liability insurance coverage through HUB International TOS Limited.

This program ensures that you have adequate insurance coverage as long as you are:

  • currently registered with the BCRPA and all credentials are up to date
  • working within your Scope of Practice
  • working at locations within Canada
  • not performing services within your home

The package complements existing coverage provided by some facilities where you may be working. See the Policy below for details, and Amendment effective June 9, 2015.


Policy effective Dec 31, 2016 to Dec 31, 2017


Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your BCRPA Registration and your CPR and your First Aid certifications valid. 

Please Note: Once any of these expire, you are no longer covered under the BCRPA insurance program. 

Personal Trainers

The BCRPA group insurance program does not cover your work as a Personal Trainer. However, a comprehensive package is available at a reduced premium for BCRPA Registered Personal Trainers.

To find out more about the BCRPA insurance program and the Personal Training package, contact: 

Theresa Wong, BA, CAIB, CIP
theresa.wong (at)
Phone: 604-269-1943

HUB International TOS Limited Insurance.


Temporary Practicum Insurance for Specialty Modules
(Group Fitness/Aquatic Fitness/Yoga Fitness/Pilates Fitness/Weight Training)

For individuals who are in the process of completing their practicum hours towards registration requirements, the BCRPA provides temporary practicum insurance.

This is a one year insurance policy that automatically starts when you complete your Fitness Theory registration.

Please Note: You then have one year to complete all practical components of your module, and to submit your ICE Package to BCRPA and become fully registered in this new specialty module.

If you have any questions about your insurance needs, please contact:

Theresa Wong, BA, CAIB, CIP
theresa.wong (at)
Phone: 604-269-1943


HUB International TOS Limited Insurance.