Community Facility Inventory Study: Summary of Findings

The Community Facility Inventory Study was completed in 2005 after three study phases. Phase One of the study was completed in 2003 and involved taking an inventory of four types of community recreation facilities owned and/or operated by local municipalities in British Columbia, including ice arenas, curling facilities, and indoor, and outdoor swimming pools. Phase Two, completed in 2005, included an inventory of parks, open spaces and playing fields in BC. Phase Three, also completed in 2005, includes an inventory of Community centres/halls, youth centres and seniors' centres. With all three phases complete, the resulting reports are now available for purchase here.

To complement the reports, the Summary of Findings for all three phases of the study are also available below. These documents provide insight into the recreation environment in BC and offer an overview of the study process and key findings from the study.


Phase 1 Summary of Findings

Phase 2 Summary of Findings

Phase 3 Summary of Findings


Parks and Recreation Competencies and Standards Review Project: Summary Reports

The BCRPA has recently completed the Parks and Recreation Competencies and Standards Review Project which gathered and synthesized information about the competencies and standards currently required of parks and recreation professionals. Two summary reports have been released which outline the findings of the project with regard to eleven parks and recreation positions reviewed.

Competencies and Standards Review Project Report - Part 1

Competencies and Standards Review Project Report - Part 2


BCRPA Pedometer Pilot Project Evaluation Report

In 2006 the BC Recreation and Parks Association in partnership with the BC Medical Association, developed a Pedometer Pilot Project to increase physical activity levels in target groups through the engagement of physicians, community physical activity intervention and the use of pedometers as motivational tools.

The project was implemented between February and July 2006 in the City of Penticton and the City of Abbotsford. The goals of the project were to:

  • Increase physical activity levels among inactive patients by implementing a physician and community physical activity intervention, utilizing the pedometer to track progress and motivate activity
  • Enhance the working relationships between participating physicians and community action sites;
  • Influence the prescribing habits of physicians related to physical activity; and
  • Evaluate the implementation and impact of the project on desired outcomes.

View the Evaluation Report outlining the findings of the Pedometer Pilot Project.


Recreation Infrastructure

BCRPA submitted a document to Minister Olga Ilich which outlines critical elements that should inform the parameters of a national infrastructure program, addresses the opportunity to enhance participation in sport and recreation activities, and which recommends several guiding principles for the national framework.  View Investing in Healthy Communities through Recreation Infrastructure (704KB KB pdf)


Recreation Healthy Food Choices

Learn how recreation centres are able to incorporate healthy food choices into their facilities from these best practices.

Learn about the Healthy Food & Beverage Sales in Recreational Facilities & Local Government Buildings (HFBS) Initiative.

Strathcona Recreation Centre


Find a Municipality
Visit CivicInfoBC to find links to local governments and related agencies.

Fees and Charges Survey
The results of the Fees and Charges Survey have been compiled and are available. more.

Online Surveys

The BCRPA is able to assist members with their survey initiatives. Provide us with your survey title, description, questions and deadline and we will set it up online and promote it to members through the BCRPA website and communiqué. Once the survey deadline has passed, the results will be available to members through the BCRPA website. More information

This dynamic multimedia presentation, "Making a Difference" (zipped .exe file 2.7MB, PC only), provides compelling evidence that the benefits delivered by parks and recreation go beyond fun and games. In fact, parks and recreation play a critical role in the building of strong, healthy communities in BC. Full of interesting facts, this five-minute presentation illustrates how parks and recreation enhance the health and well-being of BC residents, develop the local economy and protect the environment.

Parks and Recreation Waiver Program
Parks and Recreation Waiver Program Principles (8.8K pdf)
Parental Consent Form (5.7K pdf)
Release Of Liability (7.5K pdf )
Unsupervised Activities Sign-In Form (8.4K pdf)

Generation X and Generation Y Approach to Life
Understanding the Next Generations (232K pdf )
Related links and resources (Microsoft Word version 38K)
Related links and resources (12K pdf)

Demographics and Succession Planning
Presentation by Richard Shore
How do we attract and retain a Qualified Workforce? OR How do we become
Employers of choice? Succession Planning is the process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing employee talents to meet the future staffing needs of the organization? Download the PowerPoint Presentation (1.1MB ppt)

Public Private Partnerships -  Are They a Viable Alternative to Municipal Operation?
Article by Brian Johnston 
A shorter version of this article was printed in the fall 2002 issue of Recreation and Parks BC Magazine. We are pleased to have the full sized version available here. (431K pdf)

Benefits of Recreation
Role of Recreation (39K pdf)
British Columbia's Policy on Sport and Physical Activity

Active Communities Model
BCRPA Presentation to the Provincial Sport and Physical Activity Branch, June 24, 2002
Script of the speech by Ken Kreiger, BCRPA President (94K pdf)