Putting The Registry® of Fitness Professionals to work for you!

The following icons have been created to enable BCRPA registered fitness leaders to promote and direct people to their public profile within The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Your public profile promotes your strengths and credentials to the public and to potential employers.

Being on The Registry® showcases your talents, qualifications, certifications and experience as a registered BCRPA fitness professional who has met the highest and most stringent provincial and national professional standards.


Icons in use

The icons can be used alongside the promotion of your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Like me on:                        Follow me on:                     Find me on:


You can also include them in your email signatures, on your web sites, within your blogs, etc.

Email signature example:

Teri Lee Sampson
Anytime Fitness
Director of Training & Programming

The icons will validate your status as a BCRPA registered fitness leader and promote you as a qualified fitness professional.


How to access and post the icons:

  1. Save the icon/s of your choice to your computer (right click on the icon/s above and save the image)
  2. Add the icon image file to your web site, email signature, blog, etc.
  3. Hyperlink the icon image to your public profile page on The Registry® – note: ensure you are NOT logged into The Registry® when you copy your profile page’s url.

You have done the work to obtain the highest fitness leader standard in BC.
Now, let The Registry® of Fitness Professionals work for you!