2014 BCRPA Provincial Awards

Parks and Open Spaces

City of New Westminster

Westminster Pier Park


Above: Before and After the development of Westminster Pier Park

The design of the Westminster Pier Park combines history, reclamation, sustainability and accessibility in a 3.8 hectare linear park partly built on piers over the mighty Fraser River.

In order to create this uniquely engineered park on a brownfield (or contaminated) location, the city and its partners overcame significant challenges including the remediation of contaminated industrial land and re-introduction of native plants.

The park is both dramatic and practical in its design – 55% of City Centre Park is built on 3,015 piles over the Fraser River, and the driving factor behind its design was a desire to create a high level of accessibility for people of all ages and abilities and to weave New Westminster’s unique historical features throughout the park design.

The park was also designed for a 75-year lifespan and to withstand the potential effects of harsh natural elements – all while providing beautiful views, functionality in park spaces and the potential for fun for all.

New Westminster residents and park visitors have embraced Westminster Pier Park. It enjoys consistent year-round use as a beautiful and vibrant destination for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to play, exercise and relax.


Below: Various views of Westminster Pier Park